Halmarna, Eglan

Name Halmarna
the Lone-lands
Outward Appearance

It's plain to any eye that this woman knows the dances of battle, not from any swagger in her stride, nor an obvious excess of muscles, nor even a plethora of scars, but from the poised balance she maintains at all times, without thought, remaining ready for action. No dour warrior full of gloom and portent, she smiles easily and laughs often. Though her skin is weathered and tanned by wind and sun, her features are comely and lovely, though in a subtle way easily overlooked as she takes no pains to draw attention to it. There is something in the shape of her cheeks that suggests an Eglain heritage, though the single streak of mud-purple war-paint she wears is rare amongst that hardy people of the Lone-lands.


Life is hard in the dry, wild lands wherein dwell the Eglain, and many of its people are dour, somber folk, hard as the biting winds that sweep those plains; especially those who take up axe, bow, or sword, and do dangerous work. These same people are usually taciturn, lovers of solitude, uncomfortable with the cheer of crowds. Perhaps that's part of why the Forsaken Inn is so named; so many of those who visit it wish to forsake the company that is otherwise what usually brings people to inns.

Halmarna is living proof that for every rule there is an exception. Though she stands with a warrior's poise, rarely does a frown cross her face. Though her work keeps her in the wilds of the Lone-lands, and sometimes beyond, when her path does happen to come amongst other people, even in number, she is glad of it, and merry, as if gathering cheer to sustain her through the lonesome days of her travels. She can be secretive about the needs that set her onto the paths of the wild. It is not that every mission requires secrecy, but that if one speaks of the ones that don't, the ones that do stand in stark contrast, so it's best to keep business discreet at all times. But she is otherwise open and welcoming, free of speech and with her smiles.

the Eglain
some of the Eglain
wolves and goblins
cheer, victory, smiles, and the satisfaction of a job well done
the health of the tribe, and what pleasure can be found once that's secured

Halmarna's Adventures

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Halmarna's Adventures

Halmarna's Gallery

Halmarna's Gallery