Gorse Journal #27: Get back to work

At long last, after almost two months, I have been declared fit for duty by Strangsig and can get back to my normal duties as a scout. For so long now, I’ve been doing the most dull (to me) things only, and itching to put miles beneath my feet and see the gorse and feel the thud of an axe in my hand. But all I could do was feed the chickens, and stand long guard duty shifts, and mend torn tents and cloaks, and weed our vegetable plots (which are coming along nicely), and things like that.

And of course brew more ale. I think I’ve got the recipe as good as I can get it now, and people are definitely liking it, not just the Eglain but some of the traveling merchants who pass by. Perhaps with years of practice I will make it even better, but I probably won’t ever be able to challenge Barliman. Now I’m itching to get some hops so I can try beer, which I really prefer over ale anyway, and which keeps longer. But there have been no reasons to send me to Staddle or anywhere in the Soft Lands.

Tomorrow Breldin and I take the cart out for a job that Frideric thinks is a good return to full duty for me. It’s likely we will have a scrap here and there, but it’s no full assault on goblins or anything. We’ll be out for three or four days. I’d always rather go out with Leofwenna; Breldin is a little harder to get along with, he can be so stubborn. But he’s the right scout for the job, and anyway, Leofwenna is on another assignment in the west and likely will be for several days. I hope she is well, and safe.