Silwë Illuvarion of Valinor

Name Illuvarion
Master Jewel-smith, Alleged Sorcerer, Former Noldorin Military Officer
Very Old
Imladris, Lindon. Frequent traveler, especially to Rhovanion and Southern Gondor.
Outward Appearance

Given Name: Silwë Ilúvaryano
Common Use: Silwë Illuvarion
Aliases: Illuvarion Mírdan, Silu the Exiled, The Willow, Flame-wroth


Silwë (character name Illuvarion) is an elf-lord of indeterminate age and obvious Noldorin heritage.

Even among the Elves, Silwë is unusually tall, and of slender build as well, with a tendency to wear long, formal, dark robes and cloaks that make him seem taller still; fair of skin and raven-haired. If freed, his dark hair falls  to his hips, and is (both when it is loose and when it is plaited or pinned up or bsck) adorned throughout with impossibly tiny cut-crystal beads in the shape of stars, glittering as he moves like starlight caught in his inky black hair—intentionally so, for most of the elaborate jewelry he wears is inspired similarly.

He is missing his right hand from the wrist down, and does not hide this nor does he seem bothered by its absence.

In the way of the Elves, his features seem untouched by age, and a luminous, otherworldly quality plays across his proud features and lights his eyes within, at times unsettling, but  undeniably ancient. He despite this seems pleasant more often than not, and is frequently insatiably curious and inquisitive. 

Charming and erudite, Silwë is a practiced diplomat and master of secrecy, stoic seeming but heavily emotional.  He is at times moody and unpredictable, and often keeps to himself.


Height: 7'6"
Build: Slender
Hair: Black, hip length
Eyes: Silver/Grey
Complexion: Fair
Demeanor: Intense, Charming, Inscrutable, Changeable


NOTEWORTHY VISUALS (aka, What You'd Notice Upon Meeting Silwë)

  • Missing his right hand
    • (If he is using a prosthesis of some kind it will be indicated IC; the majority of the time he does not bother with hiding his missing appendage).
  • Adorns himself at all times with the following:
    • 6 delicate earrings along the edge of each ear
    • An elegantly engraved wedding band on the first finger of his hand, which is notably and uniquely golden and leaf-adorned amidst his constellation of silvery celestial jewelry.
    • A small pendant made of a smooth grey sea-pebble.
    • An iron, circular medallion upon his chest or wrap, depicting the Star of Fëanor. It is engraved with Tengwar which, in Quenya, reads: "The deeds that we shall do shall be the matter of song, until the last days of Arda"


A former jewel-smith of Valinor, and follower of Fëanáro into Beleriand, he found himself, eventually, the tactical commander of a small and historically unremarkable though competent military detachment during the wars in Beleriand, and it was in the hidden city of Gondolin that he recovered from grevious war-wounds only to become survivor of its fall.

In these days, he is known for having the honour of being named a Master Jewel-smith of the Gwaith-i-Mírdain, to those who remember the lost kingdom of Eregion and the Noldorin jewel-crafters who dwelt, taught, and worked there before it too was lost to treachery and the mist of time.

Many other places has Silwë called home, but he was called to stand a last time in service to the Noldor during the the Last Alliance of Elves and Men, which cost both the Noldor and the Wood-elves dearly; he returned thereafter to Lindon, where long ago (following the War of Wrath), he had wed, built a home at the seaside, and had a family. And he has kept a home there ever since, where he can watch the sea and work on his craft in peace, alone; and also maintains quarters in his library and workshop in Imladris, where he passes time writing, creating, and teaching what he can of his ancient craft-lore on to his apprentice.


Fluent: Noldorin Quenya (Valinorean & Exilic), Common Quenya, Sindarin, Ancient Eldarin
Conversational: Westron/Common, Nandorin, Telerin
Write/Read/Translate: Black-speech, Khuzdûl, Adûnaic, Valarin
Limited Understanding: Orc-speech, Avarin

* Illuvarion natively speaks Noldorin Quenya as his native language, which may be surprising to those who have learned it as a matter of academia or art/poetry. He talks to himself at times, and when he does, it is always in Quenya.

* In other Elvish languages it is noticable that he speaks with a slight accent, though he tries to mask it as well as he can.

* Illuvarion speaks Westron rarely and has a very noticeable and unusual accent when he speaks it. Though he understands it fluently, he still speaks a bit carefully to ensure correct word choices.


Possibly, if you are or were:

  • - an elf of the Great Journey
  • - Valinorean/Calaquendi Noldor
  • - a follower of Fëanor
  • - part of the Noldorin military in Beleriand (except Nirnaeth Arnoediad)
  • - a survivor of the Fall of Gondolin
  • - a survivor of the Sack of the Havens of Sirion
  • - part of the Last Alliance of Elves and Men

If you would like to know more, please talk to me.




Apprentice: Cirtamir; Friends: Hravanis, Tolmen, Celebrinnir
Daughter: Siliel
Formerly Celebrinnir
The stars, jewel-crafting, miruvor, cats, fine clothing and beautiful things
Seafaring, hot weather, Westron, clams, being told what to do.

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