Túrë Lá Pairë

Founding date
31 October
facilitating immersive and engaging RP experiences (with a focus on free-form and unscripted interactions, housing and environment creation, and exploring game content)
Main area of operations
Lindon, Imladris, Eregion
Kinship type
Ñóletúri, Hope From The North, those who are Elves and Elf-friends
Kinship status
Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)
Silwë, Fuindis, Curulirno


Túrë Lá Pairë

(Quenya: "Victory, Not Vengeance", our creed)

We are Túrë Lá Pairë an RP-focused elven kinship of those who would seek to remember the deeds and lives and scenery of these far lands beneath the trees, before we join our people in rhe Undying West. We intend to as a kinship engage in free form public interactive roleplay in areas of historic or personal importance, with a starting focus on the former home of the Gwairh-I-Mírdain, Eregion and Swanfleet. 

We deeply love Tolkien's world and lore and hope to both connect with others who share our passion and share our passion with those who have yet only scratched the surface. 

Our events willl be exploring that world both in our mind and in our games through role-playing, character development, and writing... but we do not forget the glory and sorrow of battle with the enemy--we also enjoy doing group content at all levels, and regarding both PvE and RP we offer a judgement-free and encouraging attitude while still preserving the spirit and character of the world we inhabit as characters.

We do not have any specific limitations on exclusivity, expectations for activity or requirement for joining or hosting kin activities, because we want our kin members to WANT to be there and to if they aren’t feeling it, to know they can and should be able to bow out.

We are strictly an 18+ kinship that values and are welcoming to both old and new players, with all levels of experience at role playing and lore knowledge. All we expect is that you are willing to be respectful and kind to each other, other kinships and other players. What we absolutely do not accept is exclusionary/hate speech and actions, including but not limited to sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, slurs, etc. and have a zero tolerance policy for this kind of hate.  

Our kinship is, at least for now, going to doing our public RP (join us!) “centered” around Swanfleet, Eregion and Trollshaws/The Angle, but our kinship “based” in Lindon. In Rivendell, we are hosted by Ñolëtúri.


a lot of words to say that we are a small and growing band of elves who enjoy being part of this community and finding beauty and creativity in making the world's in-character tapestry more rich and colorful.


Ainurel Ainurél Elf
Astoronn Astoron Elf
Brassenor Brassenor Elf
Fuindis Fuindis Elf
Laerenis Laerenis, Elf
Lomeanis Lomëanis of Tirion Elf
Ruinano Ruinano Elf
Russariel Russariel of the Heavenly Arch Elf
Silwe Silwë Mírdan Elf

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Under the Willows Ainurel 2 months 1 day ago

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