Name Luithrandir
Deeming by his looks he appears to be in his thirties, though his actual age is only reckoned by himself.
A wanderer with no place to call home save for the woods and plains within the borders of the Northern-kingdom. He wanders the Weather Hills and the barrows of Cardolan.
He belongs to no band nor company, yet his kin may be found in the wilderness.
Outward Appearance

A grim and pale wanderer indeed. His height is one of the few things that are notable about him for he is undoubtedly taller than most men even by the reckoning of his own kin. A towering height enhanced by his noble and proud stance. His noble stature is often overlooked because of his modest attire. The man’s face has fine features, a handsome man in a ragged way his jaw and cheekbones are distinct yet his kind expression and genuine smile gives him a gentle  visage. His keen grey eyes are a testament to his lost nobility and lineage, the sheer radiance of them seems to offer a gap in to his myriad of thoughts.
The hunter’s weather beaten face is covered by delicate wrinkles and a large scar across his face. His jaw and cheeks are covered by a brown stubble that matches his ash brown hair. This particular vagabond keeps his crinkly and oily hair pulled back behind his ears. The mans garb reflects the life that he has lived and continues to live; modest, harsh and haggard, with dark dyes of green, brown and grey. A hooded cloak is cast about this grim wanderer torn of toil and wear.  Detailed by sewn on patches of mismatching colors, a once olive dyed cloak now faded; only a hint of green remains. A simple quiver hangs by the side of this hunter as well as a bedroll and a large pack of equipment.  He can often be seen carrying  a  smooth longbow almost as tall as himself, simple in its design yet fine of craft. He uses tall and resilient boots of leather, often caked in mud and on occasion the mud has crawled up as far as his knees. By all accounts he appears to be nothing but a traveler that perhaps has traveled one road too far except for one odd piece of jewelry which he can not bare to lose. This ornament is a silver brooch shaped as a many-rayed star which is clasped on his cloak, resting on his left shoulder. Fashioned as the Mariners Star this badge of honor serves as a symbol of his oath and of the nobility from which he descend.


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The Forlorn Ranger 

A descendant of the Men of Westernesse, forever true to his oath of safeguard he wanders the Northlands. A savant; learned in many fields of study. Accomplished in the art of marksmanship, rival only by the elves perhaps, and also in such crafts as herbology, cartography and history. Perhaps not such brandish skills in  contrast to archery though ever as proper for survival. Love for poetry and song, able to recede impassioned poems in elegant and high notes, both in the common speech and in the elven tongue Sindarin of which he is fluent.


In truth he is a loner that few would call a friend, though some individuals may have earned his friendship; fellow wanderers and watchers. As well as his rohirric ruffled mare which follows Luithrandir in most of his endeavors.
His brother and father.
Servants of evil and sympatizers of the enemy. Any who would stand in the way of keeping his oath of safeguard.
The beauty of nature and everything that grows in it, as well as its inhabitants. To sing and to ride, the feel of his longbow bow and the sound as an arrow flies. His Mariners Star.
The burden of his oath and the weight of his silver star that he carries with such pride.
The oath to his Chieftan and kin. To protect the remnants and artifacts of the Northern-kingdom and his endless watch to safeguard its borders.
"We Men of Westernesse, watcher of the wilds, begrudge not our duty of endless watch and safeguard."

Luithrandir's Adventures

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Luithrandir's Adventures

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Luithrandir's Gallery