Prologue: The Forlorn Ranger

The day draws near, for centuries the Men of Westernesse have roamed ever vigil in the old borders of the Northern-kingdom and now it is my hour to serve. My brother have left the comfort of the Angle behind some three years ago and now my day draws nigh. Being the second son to depart and serve I have had the liberty to take insight from my siblings embarkation. 

Ever have I had the interest to note and journal which shall be convenient for my departure. Thrice now the detail of a rangers arsenal has been repeated, I shall soon start to bundle.


The young ranger loots a crude list from his person, note written to himself.

In your quiver you should pack mainly bodkin points for they are the most accessible to buy and low-cost to craft. A handful of broad heads if ironclad foes you wish to eradicate and of course a few blunt headed arrows for hunting game.

A longbow you shall carry and a sword by your hip, fit arms for a ranger. A knife strapped to your boot not only for precarious circumstances no; but for the skinning of game, digging for roots and eating. It shall also come in handy to craft arrow shafts. Whetstone and oil to keep your edges keen.

Sleep sack you shan't pack instead a fur cloak to lay both in summer and winter alike, a spare cloak to use if you ever shall need it.

Woodcutter's axe is of no need, to cut living wood is prohibited for it will leave traces of your comings and goings; besides dead wood produces less smoke if you shall ever light a fire. For this flint and steel is required.

Rope, thread and line. The first for snares and tents; second to patch your garments and last for the catching of fish. Needle and hook you would be wise to pack.

Map, journal, feather and wax candles. Nothing more and no less, pack light for you shall never cease to wander.


Loaded my things; wrapped in cloak I am, now I sleep for come dawn I begin my endless watch.