Luthelian Ranorniel

Name Luthelian
Scout and Messenger
Outward Appearance

Luthelian's sun-kissed caramel hair hangs straight down her back, free to the whims of the wind and undecorated except by a single thin long braid. She is tall for an elleth born in the Third Age and has a lean figure, formed from running and climbing trees often. Wearing natural hues and non-restrictive clothing allows her to walk quickly and silently among the shadows of the trees. Her deep grey-green eyes shine fiercely and often betrays her emotions.


Luthelian and her twin sister Lothelian were born in Imladris in the Third Age. Their parents were Noldo of Eregion, who fled to the valley after the treachery of Sauron. Never leaving the valley, the twins enjoyed the safety and comfort of their parents' home and grew skilled in their own passions. While Lothelian took up her mother's love of metalwork, Luthelian sought the wilderness and took up a bow of her own alongside her father. From him, she learned the art of tracking and grew experienced among the scouts of the valley.

Despite much time spent with her easy-natured father, Luthelian inherits the fiery ambition and spirit of her mother. Ever driven to prove herself, she spends most of her spare time on the archery fields, competing with her peers and sometimes even her superiors. She loves to spend her time outdoors, running in the forests with the wind in her face or perched on the upper branches of a tree. The early understanding of her natural knack for sneaking around unnoticed and getting away quickly whenever she wished encouraged her to engage in mischief and adventure from a young age. In these playful pursuits, she often dragged her sister, and through their victories and mishaps, they only grew closer to one another over time.

Sister: Lothelian, Father: Lendir, Mother: Eliadis
Her sister, trees, running, the wind in her face, archery, books, climbing trees
Losing and being wrong
To find adventure and better herself

Luthelian's Adventures

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Luthelian's Adventures

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Luthelian's Gallery