Second Letter to Lothelian

Dearest Faerind,

It seems that adventure sought me first, before I had the chance to devise plans for myself. There is a certain ellon named Glorendir here in Duillond who invited me to come along with him to the wilderness of Evendim. I have read about it as a place of history for Men, not our kin. Instead of pouring over books and maps myself, I think it will content me to follow Glorendir on a trip he has already planned.

Though I had more than half a mind to refuse him as it seems that part of his party will include…can you believe it, Tancamir? I did not think to see him again and certainly not here in Duillond. I was returning a book to the library when I saw him rifling through the bookshelves, looking without a care in the world, as if he had been here all this time. I had to blink twice to believe my eyes. He told me that he had been in Mithlond to visit some friends and pack up a shiny silvery and blue hauberk of his. And before that, he had disappeared from the valley on account of crossing paths with some Dúnedain in trouble in the Trollshaws. Then, he simply went up north with them…for what reason, I have no inkling. Can you believe him? Not saying a word to anyone! As far as I know, he even had family in Imladris. Yet, he did not even tell them of his plans and left for the north with his old friends!

Well, he had some nerve showing up in the middle of Duillond library after months away and saying he was glad to see me. If he was a true friend and so concerned with my well-being or happy to see me, do you not think he would have at least written to me in all this time to tell me what had happened? I told him he must have lost his mouth and hands when he left with his friends, since he never had the decency to write. I suppose I will not fault him for getting carried away with his whims since Naneth scolds me often for failing to make plans. Still, I never neglect the duty of informing others through writing, even if it is afterwards.

If you had been here, I would have consulted you for advice…to go or not to go. Yet, Glorendir leaves soon and I had to make my decision quickly as this letter will not reach you for a great length of time. And it will be longer still before I receive your reply.

I will go. If Tancamir had not been a part of the situation, I should have accepted Glorendir’s invitation without hesitation. Thus, it would be a pity, indeed, if I lost the opportunity to see Evendim simply because Tancamir is involved. Do not worry that I may be unprepared for this journey. Glorendir has a scholarly look to him and I am sure he knows what he is about. I will trust him to lead the way safely, and if all else fails, I have my knowledge of the wilderness to help me make my way.

I shall dispatch this letter to someone traveling east before I leave, but you may not hear from me awhile. I will write letters on the road so that I do not forget anything I should tell you, but I may find it difficult to post them. We will not likely encounter others of our kin once we leave Ered Luin, and I shall have to send all my letters when I return.

Tell me of Lórien and yourself! I am sorely in need of amusing stories.