Oronir, Leatherworker of Hookworth

Name Oronir
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Outward Appearance

Oronir is almost middle aged and streaks of grey can be seen in his short kept beard. He keeps his head shaved clean which in turn guides your gaze to his his clear blue eyes. Being of average height (1m75) makes him blend in well in natural as well as urban surroundings. No wonder some of his friends even pas him by on the street. He has a darker complexion which marks him as a man from the south. A scar, badly healed on his face, is clearly visible and when asked about it Oronir changes the subject. He is a leatherworker by trade and the scent can be smelled on him. Being in the wild often means his clothes are rarely clean, neither are his hands and boots.


For a more extended Backstory read Fragments of my past


Oronir is not a religious man because he hasn't witnessed anything to convince him that there is indeed a higher power. 

Reputation and position

Ithilien: None. During his years in Ithilien he lived secluded and few people knew of him.

Breelands: Known. He hired himself out, becoming known to the militia of Bree and its mayor. This led him to Hookworth where he entered an Order of Knights and because of his dedication over the following 3 years he became an officer in its ranks.   

North-downs: little known. Woodsmen and militia of trestlebridge know his name as he has stayed in that area for some time looking for his brother and uncle. Whilst there he helped fight off Orcish attacks and helped common woodsmen in their often hard tasks. 

Income: Oronir has a leathershop in hookworth where he used to earn enough coins to live a good life.


His Grandparents were wealthy middle class people in Mins Tirith, famous tailors for the middle class citizens. But certain incidents made his parents leave for Ithilien to settle on a farm in the forest. It it there that Oronir was born with his brother and sister. His parents become farmers, tanners and leatherworkers. (see backstory for more)

In his family only two people are of note: His grandfather, a wealthy tradesman in Minas Tirirth and his uncle, a soldier that became an officer in more than one army. The first has deceased and the latter can not be found.

Oronir's sister is supposedly still in Minas Tirith, his brother has gone missing. His wife and daughter died (see backstory)

Character information  

Education: He learned to read and write from his grandfather and learned to be a farmhand, hunter and leatherworker from his father. Although his grandfather told him many stories about the world beyond the forest he led a mainly practical education.  

Friends: Living in the Ithilien forest didn't give him many childhood friends other than his own brother and two boys from neighboring farms.  In Hookworth he made several long lasting friendships.

Personality: He`s patient, organized and practical, friendly, quiet, observant, loyal to his friends.

Ideals: Mutual respect and sense of community. Freedom from oppression to live a life free of danger is what all people deserve.

Bonds:What drives Oronir is his search for his soldiering uncle and brother. This lead him away from his destroyed life in Ithilien and into Breelands AND this started his eventual return a few years later.

Flaws: He is quite a withdrawn person, a loner of sorts because of his great loss. In his search for his remaining family he has became vengeful when freedoms are  being endangered, especially his family's freedom. This often leads to indifference towards others. During his travels he has grown  a dislike for people born with vanity and high born status.



wilderness outings
Finding his older brother and uncle.

Oronir's Adventures

Oronir's Adventures

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