Woodsmen in need

Goblin attack

Having crossed the river and travel for several hours through the forest a scout of the knights suddenly returned. He informed them that there were over a dozen goblins who have attacked a group of people, men. Oronir, the Knights, and the healer, Lilykind, heard a noise in bushes.

Oronir says, 'Did you hear that in the bushes?'

Lilykind looks around, "What is it?" She listens harder. Her keen ears detect about four, maybe five, goblins approaching.

Oronir quickly puts on his helm just before two of them jump out of the bushes, short bows in hand and black tipped arrows knocked

Lilykind readies herself and places her hand on her lurker waiting to see if she must defend, heal or attack. She is not used to combat and her mind scrambles.

Oronir tries to step in front of Lily hoping she will be unharmed. He loosens his crossbow bolt first so the lurker can attack.

Oronir grips his crossbow tight, he has got only one shot and hopes it will be enough. The loud twang of the bolt can be heard but knocks a scrap of metal from the goblin's armour. It still plans to shoot his arrow.

Lilykind commands her lurker to attack the same goblin to help Oronir out.

Lilykind notes a second goblin in the distance as the first one continues to proceed with its bow aimed. She commands the lurker to attack the approaching goblin. It stumbles a little but manages to put itself between Oronir and Lily to crush a little more of the goblin's armor with a strike.

Lilykind moves herself behind Oronir to keep out of range of the goblin still approaching as it snarls, his black tongue showing its menace. The bolt deflected, and the goblin aims its arrow at Oronir and scores a puncturing in his shoulder. Oronir grunts as an arrow scratches his shoulder.

The second goblin drops his bow and with his rusted short sword aims at the lurker.

Lilykind notices the grunt from Oronir and her mind scrambles. She wants to attack the malicious goblin but at the same time hates to see her friend in danger. Maybe Reyneth was a bad idea. Maybe there's too much danger ahead. Lilykind hates being apprehensive or indecisive.

Since the second goblin, in favor of the rusted sword, rolls with the lurker's attack, scratching himself on the wood on the ground but managing to make a deadly wound on the lurker's belly. It staggers back from the pain.

The other squires in the company of Oronir are also in a fight with the other goblins, as Lily, Oronir, and the lurker only focus on the two in front of them.

Lilykind's heart races as her lurker, Whisper, is stabbed in its gut and she commands him to run to safety leaving her and Oronir to face the Goblins with just her staff. She says nothing because she doesn't know what to say. Combat is new to her. She's so afraid that she's almost paralyzed.

Oronir dropped his crossbow and in one movement draws, Durnedal, the ancient sword he has been carrying for 2 years. In a snarl like a wolf he retaliates carving a large slash on the goblins face. It staggers to the ground. It has little energy and wants to flee.

Lilykind is paralysed but takes a deep breath, "Wake up Lily!" she tells her self. Her lurker is at a safer place and not able to fight. She wants to heal it or Oronir or get out of here, because she's not brave and not used to combat.

Lilykind runs after her beloved lurker wounded badly from the stab of the decrepit goblin and Lily becomes angry. The pain of her lurker is so extreme she can not even get close to him and she is torn between fear, anger, and pity for Whisper as it cries. She, therefore, sends him further away out of the fight and heads back to Oronir to make sure he's ok. Now Lily's just very angry and her face is red.

Lilykind grabs her staff ready to swat at anything near her.

Oronir advances on the other goblin who attacks him with a jump from a trunk but with holding Durendal with both hands can deflect the creatures vicious attack. The wound in his shoulder tears a bit and Oronir bites down to ignore the pain

Lily really wants to finish off this second goblin, because she hates it. In a rage she might run ahead of Oro to take a swat at the goblin's head

Lilykind advances toward the goblin enraged and she takes a swing. Lilykind's quarterstaff collides with the goblins head as its tongue flails about and she's so grossed out she wants to puke, but the goblin rises "When will he die?!!" she yells.

The first goblin sees his opportunity now that Oronir and Lily are focused on the stronger goblin, it crawls away into the bushes hoping for safety...but it finds the sword of Cpt Torban lodged into his skull when he reaches what he thought was a safe place.

Oronir roars, "Damn goblin!"

Oronir takes a stab at the goblins underbelly, now that it is surprised by Lilykind's furious attack, but in a burst of adrenaline, the Goblin successfully twists its buckler in the way of Oronir’s trust.

Lilykind looks around to the goblin who hurt her Lurker and wounded Oronir and screams an out of character taunt, "Yah? Bring it on! C'mon!"

Only a second ago the goblin, full of adrenaline, thought of overpowering this female human but Lilykind’s sudden rage, a tiger let loose, took it by surprise jostling him out of its rage a missing her by a meter

Lilykind still enraged takes a swing at the second goblin, "Don't even tell me to die! YOU die!" And she makes contact with the second goblin’s head but again its strength survives the blow and it just makes a slimy laugh. Lilykind is baffled and she steps back. CRAP! Maybe a bad move of rage on her part, but she is still angry.

Oronir takes a dagger and with Lilykind overbearing on it, throws it in its side, aiming for a vital area and strikes thru. Lilykind feels the strength of the goblin diminish by the second.

Lilykind looks back at Oronir, extremely relieved to not be alone and sees a dagger penetrate the goblin’s guts. She wastes no time and lifts her staff and brings it down on the goblin's head. With a CRACK its eyes bulge as its innards come gushing out its mouth.

A wounded woodsman

Lilykind yells, "I said...YOU DIE!" Lilykind steps back shaken "Oh my! I can't believe I did that."

Oronir stands gaping at the woman’s sudden rage and for a moment is remembered of his own first kill of a beast so vile its very existence was unacceptable. HE looks around and sees the knights have taken control of the situation. Then he whispers: " Lilykind.. Lily....it is dead. You have won"

Oronir takes off his blood spattered helmet and looks Lilykind in the eye.

Lilykind' s heart rate is having a hard time returning to normal. "Ohh" She shakes her head trying to bring herself back to a safe place but the adrenaline and rage have produced so much in her stomach she feels acid come up her esophagus and she throws up.

Oronir pointedly says, "Let it out."

Lilykind spits what was left of her lunch on the ground. "Ohh sorry"

Oronir says, 'Are you okay?'

Lily say, 'I've just never done anything like that.'

Oronir says, 'I understand, it is always a horrible act. But you did a good thing.'

You say, 'I've never killed anything to save my life or anyone else's life before'

Lilykind feels tingly in her shoulders "Where's the nearest town?" She doesn't feel safe out in the open.

Oronir says, 'Take a breath and relax, the area is secured. Torban mentioned he saw a woodsman is wounded on his leg, an arrow sticking out on either end. He was brandishing his sword left and right in an attempt to stave off several goblins.'

Lilykind rubs her shoulders trying to bring warmth back.

Oronir says, 'He is unconscious at the moment, but your healing skills could come in handy if you are already up for it.

Lilykind starts to think of others now and says, "Ohh, a wounded man? Did the goblins do this?"

Oronir says, 'Yes, they did.'

Lilykind is concerned for her lurker and is torn between getting the lurker or aiding the man. "Should I go get Whisper first?"

Oronir takes Lilykind gently by the arm, guiding her around the bushes and up a hill where the man lay on the ground.

You say, 'Whisper will stay wherever I put him. He needs rest too'.

A man lay on the ground on his chest with the arrow in the part of his leg and two cuts on his chest. He is blood covered.

Lilykind kneels next to the man on the ground and speaks softly not caring if there's blood. She's seen lots in the House of Healing back at home in Gondor.

Lilykind cuts the leg of the man's pants all the way up to his crotch and gently snips the arrow but doesn’t not remove it.

Oronir helps Lilykind turn over the man, Turning the unconscious woodsman over Oronir recognizes him as Saeradan, a calm and wise woodsman he once met on the Greenway road. He has heard it spoken in the Bree hunting lodge that he might be a member of the hidden Rangers of the North but there has never been any real proof.

Lilykind does not recognize the man from anywhere or know of any rangers, but she makes sure the arrow is not penetrating any major arteries and gently pulls the arrow out and bandages his wounds.

Lilykind speaks gently words and states clearly, "He will need a clean place to rest and I will need to look in on him ....if we ever come back this way. IF"

Oronir starts ordering the knights to regroup, set perimeter guards and get some water boiling for a broth or something. He announces, "We will encamp here and rest. This man, I think I know him."

Oronir says, 'We will camp here and rest. This man, I think I know him.'

Lilykind shrugs "Do you? You sure have been around, Much more traveled than I"

The men set to work while Lilykind looks to the patient. He adds, 'Well, I have traveled from Ithilien to Breeland some years ago. But this man, I think I met him in the Breelands.'

Lilykind is feeling much more safe surrounded by soldiers, but still looks over her shoulder once in a while. Stomach empty, mouth feeling gross and dry, she continues to clean and bandage the ranger she only knows as a woodsman who fended off several goblins.

A few hours later, the men have set up camp and the patient is slowly coming conscious. Soup is in the kettle and the bodies of the goblins have been burned.

Lilykind goes about making powerful herbal packs for the wounds that are very deep for killing any germs and healing more quickly. "That soup smells good. Hopefully no goblin parts" She jokes but then her stomach lurches and she catches herself hoping no one notices. Her own joke has affected her empty stomach.

An offer to help

When Lillykind returns after an hour of helping out the wounded, Oronir and the man finish a hushed conversation.

Oronir says, 'Lilykind, this is Saeradan.'

Lilykind smiles weakly, "Hello, I am Lilykind Bellogorn" She is feeling exhausted but the site and smell of food is not wanted, but she makes herself eat anyhow taking only a small portion. She notices their hushed conversation, but doesn't pry. Too tired.

Saeradan slurps his bowl of soup, but keeps his eyes fixed on his rescuers.

Lilykind looks at the ranger, "Oh, I've heard that name before, but maybe it's someone else'

Saeradan does not react to the recognition and slurps the last of his soap clears his throat.," I am on the mend and I hear I got you to thank for it lady.

Lilykind smiles softly and tries to finish her food, "I'm glad. It's what my family has done for generations. But this is my first time in a place of fighting." She snicks, "Can you believe I killed a goblin today?" She avoids thinking of the details and thinks of needed nourishment instead.

The man looks sympathetically at Lilykind, who feels tired all of a sudden but doesn't want to sleep.

Searadan says, "My company is heading towards the north-south road, leading to the lands of Enedwaith. I have, however, been separated from my companions during a scouting trip and I could use your assistance in reaching the Windfells. Though the road might be dangerous, I know some paths that will help us in speed and safety. Oronir has told me of your own mission. Perhaps we can help each other?

Searadan adds, "You help me back to the rendezvous and I will help you reach the place Oronir told me you were looking for."

Lilykind thinks on these things, "Will you be traveling with us then? And, Yes, I'd like to have your company but you do need to heal form your wounds first?"

Searadan honestly states "At the rendezvous I can get healed further, from there I can send men with you to the place you need to be."

He reaches out a trembling arm, "What do you say lady?"

Lilykind nods "Ok," but she makes a face like a mother to a child, "Are you strong enough to come? Can you ride a horse without bleeding more?" She tries not be motherly but treats the ranger like a man, "But I guess it will heal..... I guess. Your choice."

Saeradan only nods a slight twist of pain on his face. Pain the man is swallowing down.