Travelling to Tharbad

Travelling to Tharbad

​The Quest is accepted

​Oronir gazes down the long street from the elevation on his land. His companion for the past three years, the guard dog Sarco, lays at his feet. The air is cool on this winter morning and ,dressed in his knightly tunic for a last patrol of the surroundings, he warms his hands by rubbing them together. A woman, in her thirties, strolls down the street. He had send word to Herionn that the knights would aid him and his family in finding any trace of their friend, the woman Reyneth. Oronir pushes away his inner doubts and waves warmly to Lilykind who is walking up to him. 

'Hello Oronir. That IS a Big dog.’, Lilykind says while patting Sarco’s head. The dog remains undisturbed, gnawing away happily on his treasured bone. Lilykind fumbles in her bag for some Coney jerky and tosses the over-grown puppy a treat.

Oronir looks at his guard dog with a smile: ’Sarco has been a good guard dog and I have grown fond of him. This town is too safe for him to grow any resentment to anyone...he is such a fool for anyone giving him snacks.’ 

Lilykind chuckles, "This place has been a refuge for my family. I am really thankful that you all have been welcoming and not cross. Crossness would of added to my family's distresses.’

Oronir smiles, though a sadness can be seen in his eyes," Yes, Hookworth can be healing to troubling souls.’

Lilykind says, 'I gave Beongarn some clues to the place where we ....umm' Lilykind looks disturbed "....where we lost Reyneth.”

'I have read the note Lilykind. It is beyond Eregion and quite a distance.’, Oronir feels the woman’s nervousness and lets her relate the story. 

Lilykind smiles, “Yes, into Enedwaith just North of a town called Nan Laeglin. May I recall details to you? I hate them, but I think you should know. Just after we left Nan Laeglin, we needed to take camp by the river, for mother was feeling ill. When night approached, the elf maiden Reyneth went out and we heard her screaming and the thrashing of water and gross giggles of nasty creatures. Father guarded us and the few others who were with us and would NOT let me out of the camp. When we heard her screams fade as the night drew on, I did not know if she was dying or being dragged away. In the morning we saw footprints in the mud headed North-west, and then there was nothing. We aborted the search and made our way to Bree for my mother was ill and needed rest.’

Lilykind looks sullen, but the news stuck in her heart for a long time, a year even, has made her a little more stoic. She pulls a parchment from her bag, "I drew a picture of the footprints, see?...." The footprints look wide and there are hairs going off the sides.

Oronir tries to use his comforting voice, though he has never been very good at showing emotions,’I am sorry this has happened to you. We will find her. The knights have decided to help you Lilykind and I will accompany you. We will also be taking cpt knight Torban and LT. knight Harris and their squires with us for added protection.’ Oronir's thoughts wander again to the fact that he is not telling the whole story. 
“I can leave any time. Father made provisions. I can just tell him I am going now, he will be pleased”, Lilly says while looking back towards her home. Lilykind looks Oronir in his face, "Will we be ok? I remember the ugliness. Do you know Eregion and Enedwaith?

Oronir looks lost in thoughts for a moment:"Best we leave tomorrow morning, before first light. I need to...take care of some final things."

Lilykind nods, "Very well. The Belogorns are all very thankful for the help of the Knights of this town.

“Not at all Lilykind. Wait at the gates for us tomorrow.”, Oronir says while Lilykind departs.
Oronir watches her leave, scratching Sarco's back and whispering:"I'll be missing you boy, but best you stay here."

The next morning

Oronir meets up with the knights and their squires and gives the signal to be on their way. Seeing Lillykind at the gates in these last hours of night, he raises his hand to make the band halt.

Lilykind says, 'Thank you all for helping me and my family. Even if we find that Reyneth's fate is evil to the point of death, at least we will know.'
Oronir checks a last time if his large bundle of supplies is secured.”Did you bring all you need, lily?
Lilykind nods and chuckles, "Yes, I have what I need. Maybe too much"

Oronir beckons the cpt knight Torban to join him and lily:" The shortest route to Enedwaith is to follow the old road known as 'The Greenway', then resupply in the city of Tharbad and eventually crossing the river."
Lilykind nods, "I will do sit all bravery to keep up and make sure I don't cause trouble”, and checks her own map.

'The band will keep an eye on you Lily. This is Cpt Knight Torban and Lt. knight Harris and their squires. We will be harder to ambush.' The Knights salute, strapping the last of the supplies on their horses and checking hooves.
Lilykind doesn't know how to thank them all and she looks at the men, "I, well, my family and I are truly thankful.  

Lilykind nudges to the side of the road, near the large Tree, 'I only bring a lurker with me, Whisper. I hope a Lurker will not disturb you. I found him in the Trollshaws last month.’
Oronir looks back at the still dark village of Hookworth and clears his throat. "I have never really trusted these strange creatures Lily. I hope you control him well enough.” Quickly adding,”  we should leave. The first stretch is fairly safe so we will have time to talk a bit.”

(after traveling some distance on the road towards Bree)

Oronir halts in a curve on the road,”The road leads north to Bree, you can spot it from here. We will however find a track here. Now that we have passed Chetwood we should still be safe enough. I heard your skills in herbs and medicine are more than a hobby.”
The group starts on a path set out by oronir through the fields and near some trees. 
Lilykind smiles, "It's been necessary. My mother was a healer of the sages of Minas TIrith. I've learned to save her life.“
The group rides on in silent while Oronir guides the band to a copse of trees where they could rest a moment out of sight, “Lets rest here a moment.”
They dismount and tie the horses to a large tree up ahead. Lilykind pats Whisper on the head. Oronir finds a comfortable space on a thick root and takes out his waterskin and an apple. Lilykind sits and eats some biscuits and cheese
Oronir takes some bread and a waterskin, “You asked me about our homeland. It has been a decade since last i stepped though the grand gates of minas Tirith and it has been.....almost three years since i left the Ithilien forest.”

Lilykind pushes some clean water to her lurker for refreshment and hugs her knees into her chest and reminisces of her home, "I wasn't allowed to go down to the lower tiers. I had to stay up in the House of Healing or the House of Lore and maybe to the 5th tier. I hope the city is ok.” Lilykind fears not.
Oronir breaks some cheese, 'You led a real city life. Protected by your family, and your noble birth gave you many opportunities i assume?”
Lilykind picks a blade of grass and pulls it apart strand by strand, "Possibly. I had everything. I had no needs. The journey from Gondor North to here.....Breeland....has made me ......well, I see the rest of the world now. This world shall NOT perish.”
Oronir looks at Lily, raising an eyebrow.
Lilykind continues, “I do not want this world to perish in to the evil of Sauron.”
Oronir remembers hearing about this dark lord, 'Such dark thoughts should not dwell in you Lily. Although his vile allies have been growing in number, many stand against him.'
Lilykind nods, “Reyneth. I’m afraid she is no longer here...." But maybe I shall think positively"

Lilykind whispers softly, "yes, maybe so." She looks up at Oronir, "I am glad many rise up against him." She looks off into the night sky and pulls a small carrot from her bag and chews a piece. Not hungry any more.
Oronir folds open the map and points for Lilykind to see, “Let us focus on things we can make better in the near future. We are here, and we need to get to Tharbad which will take us 4 days by road. However, the road is no longer safe. So we will travel slow and often off road. After 6 days we will resupply in Tharbad and then move over the river into Enedwaith which should take a day or two.”
Lilykind puts the rest of her carrot in her bag. 
Oronir takes the map from the ground, folding it, and puts it under his chain shirt.
Lilykind notes to resupply in Tharbad.
Oronir motions Lilykind it is time to continue and takes the reins and motions to the squires to branch off and scout up ahead.Lilykind follows with a thankful heart and hums a haunting but beautiful tune.

After an hour the group ends up at a poorly maintained road. 'This is the Green way', oronir points at the cobbled stones that were hewn and placed a very long time ago, 'It is an old road guarded by several forts, I have been told they are all abandoned.'
Lilykind looks down the road, 'I hope there will be many brave people to use them again'

The group travels for several days, fighting off a bear, bandits and the weather. In the distance a squire scout spots the lower lands where a river divides a city - Tharbad.'