Neyaa Sunngifu

Name Neyaa
Stable Master
Mid twenties
Bree Homesteads
Outward Appearance


Approaching her 25th year and standing just 5ft 4" it is unlikely that Neyaa will grow any taller.  She would have preferred to have been skinny given the choice, for her curves are often a hindrance to her, and have given the impression that she is older than her years since the tender age of 14.


The features on her face are nicely proportioned.  Her deep blue eyes do not miss a trick and are apt at concealing her true thoughts if she so chooses.  The corners of her mouth are slightly upturned giving her an air of mischief.  Her lips could be described as sultry, but she would complain that they are too big!    Her skin is unblemished with a slight blush to her cheekbones.  


Her hair is rather unruly and often tucked behind her ear.  It is dark brown in colour with a dark red tone through it when she walks in sunlight. It is not the traditional straw or red colour associated with a daughter of Eorl on account of her Grandmother and Great Grandmother were Gondorian.


Many words have been used to describe Neyaa, but the most frequent of them would probably be “resourceful”.








Neyaa was born near Edoras.  Her mother was a serving girl in the Meduseld.  She never knew her father and is an only child so far as she knows.  Despite her mothers station in life, Neyaa was allowed to spend her days as a youngster in the Meduseld with the children of the Captains and others of import.  Not afraid of hard work, Neyaa was a popular child, well known around Edoras.  She was fortunate enough that one of the Captains arranged for her to be educated with the other children, she was well schooled for one of her standing.


It was often said in jest by her mother that Neyaa rode before she could walk.  She was happiest in the company of the mearas.  Her love of horses has never diminished.


Not long after her twelfth birthday her mother woke her in the night and whispered to her that she had a new father and they would make a new home on his farm.  Neyaa would eventually leave Rohan in her Sixteenth year.


Through hard work and no small measure of determination, by fair means or foul, Neyaa has finally achieved her goal of owning her own horse farm, situated just outside of the South gate of Bree.  She gifted a small share of the farm to her dear friend and stable master, Wil in recognition of his efforts to make the farm the success it is.


Neyaa spent some time as a member of the sellsword company The Bloody Dawn.   Although she has left the Dawn now, she remains firm friends with them.  She was involved with their late Captain, the eccentric, but formidable Hardoleth for quite some time, long enough to have a child with him, their son, Branston.  They parted ways as friends and parents, and she loves him now even in death, but life must go on...


The next chapter of her life began with a chance encounter with a knight of Gondor upon the Greenway bridge where she brazenly charged him a kiss in the rain to cross the bridge.  He paid the toll and for the next couple of years Neyaa and Deredan Enimrath lived as if they were husband and wife.  He adopted her son and named him as his heir.


It seems Neyaa is not destined to hold onto happiness for long; Deredan began helping his mothers kin in their efforts to drive back the enemy in the North.  The news of his reported death almost killed Neyaa.  The pain of love and loss still remain with her, she can not even imagine loving anyone as much ever again.


Neyaa devotes most of her time and love to her 4 year old son Branston, the most important person in her life, she has not been inclined to look for another relationship of her own, but then fate has it's way of interfering. 


Friendships are important to Neyaa and one such childhood friendship with Seaver of Edoras, son of Siward was rekindled. Their paths have crossed many times over the years but circumstances had never led to anything more, until recently. Their respective loves, loss, heritage and unfaltering friendship grew into something far deeper, far more daunting that was never intended and until recently never declared ...







Seaver, Fiontann, Valindal (The Grey Warden), Sairona (Silver) Gallrandil, Nimeway, Blince (Mentor), Terralynn, Awilred, Fastdred, Ardeghon, Rossethor, Chaney, Hyrien and Mactire.
Son - Branston, Henliff (step father - deceased)
Neyaa has a way of making most people forgive her.
Branston; Seaver; Horses; Rohan; the Rain; Water, her friends and she will always hold a place in her heart for Hardoleth, Deredan and Valindal, The Grey Warden
Cruelty. Her Step Father Henliff.
To make a difference in someone's life.
"Nothing you ever do suprises me any more" - Rossethor's words. "That's the last time I'm drinking!" - Neyaa's words.

Neyaa's Adventures

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Neyaa's Gallery