Name Sairona
Retired treasure hunter, translator and restorer of ancient manuscripts
Old enough to do as I please, young enough to be able to do it.
In a frequently moved tent.
Outward Appearance

Standing at around 5'11, this woman is tall and slender, with curves in all the right places. A taut, toned body and compact musculature suggests that she is not one for idleness.

Plump lips smile from a soft face framed by thick red hair, whilst the eyes that lend her her nickname dart to and fro in search of something unknown. Whereas her accent and hair colouring place her as Rohirrim, there's something that seems just slightly off about her. Perhaps it's her deeply tanned skin - if indeed that is all just a tan - or the unusual silver-grey hue of her eyes.

Beneath her left eye, there curves an old scar. Hidden beneath her hair is an ugly scar where her left ear once sat.

Her clothing, practical and serviceable, is almost certainly not new. Usually spattered with mud, it can be assumed that she has less regard for her appearance than she does for comfort. Upon the thumb of her right hand sits an old silver ring, the band chased with horses. A silver snake pendant with emerald eyes hangs around her neck, alongside a large, highly polished wolf's tooth upon a tough, finely braided cord of brown leather. Both of these remain hidden beneath her clothing.

In the colder weather, she is usually seen walking with a black cane.


Playful, brazen, care-free, cautious, and possibly a little bit crazy. Who wouldn't be, after spending over twenty years roaming Arda as a treasure hunter?

A well-travelled woman with a love of history, linguistics and the road, she may never have given up her nomadic lifestyle had the injuries sustained over the years not come back to haunt her. Now, the once strong, proud and acrobatic woman is forced to rely on a cane in the colder months and fears having to use it permanently.

None she'll admit to. Although she does consider Rahvic as a brother.
Her family, Eordion, Seaver
Mulled wine, adventure, her horse, independence, shiny stuff, singing, dancing, old texts, learning new things
Wights, spiders, being double-crossed, narrow-minded individuals, papercuts, cold.
A spirit of adventure and a better life.
"You can't steal from the dead. You can only re-appropriate the discarded belongings of the once-alive"

Sairona's Adventures

Hazy Days 9 months 1 week ago
So many questions 9 months 2 weeks ago
Looming phantoms 9 months 2 weeks ago
A moment of quiet 10 months 2 weeks ago
Panic Itself. 10 months 3 weeks ago
Sairona's Adventures

Sairona's Gallery

Sairona's Gallery