Life Lessons and Sayings as Learned by a Hobbit

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A recollection of wise sayings that the Hobbit, Angyles, has picked up over her life.  Whether through family, war, friends, or enemies.

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A List of Phrases and Life Advice of My Thirty-Five Years.  Over the years, you pick up a lot of advice and forget a lot of advice, this journal is my attempt to keep all the good advice given to me and the little tidbits I've picked up over the years.

"You know why we leave some plants after a harvest? It's to return some of what we take and grow even more when the ground is ready for it.  What I'm sayin' is don't burn your bridges girl, leave a few hops and grains to come back to." - Grandpa Buccher.


"Spear's pretty easy to use.  Pointy end goes toward the enemy and stick-part hits them if they get too close." - Martial Instructor.


"Don't block something head-on, you're too small for that. Deflect it.  Same goes for someone picking fights with you." - Martial Instructor


"If you're going to set acorns and nuts under the toilet seat, don't sit nearby where someone can hear you giggling when they scream." - Mother


"We don't just kick someone out because they look different, we kick them out because they act in a way that's different in a bad way." - Mayor of her previous home.


"The best way to make someone mad even madder is be happy while they're being angry at you." - Random soldier I met.


"Don't go picking fights, go picking friends.  Anyone who can laugh at a small slight is the kind of guy I want to be my friend." - Same Soldier.  Roary is his name, I think.


"When people take themselves too seriously, they'll take everything seriously. Pick with them all you like, but never befriend them.  They're the type to stab you in the back when they'll gain something." - Saboteur I never saw again.


"The more they can laugh at themselves, the more dangerous they are.  The most dangerous person in the bar isn't the one who's standing on a table boasting." - Bartender.


"Dating is a lot like going to the outhouse.  If you don't look at what you're wiping with, you're likely to grab a cactus." - Drunken Dwarf I cannot remember the name of.


"When you've got a gift like your's, ya don't give it to everyone freely.  See if they're worthy of it, first." - Malliard Wilm - Rest in Peace, buddy.


"You'd be surprised how hard people work for recognition and to be accepted.  Someone like you who just accepts them for who they are is rare.  You accept the bad and good, even if you give us a little bit of a lecture.  A little more accepting is what most of Arda needs," - Some trainee. 


(More to come)

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