Preparing for the Journey

Joy had faded in the voices of the elves. Instead, fearful whispers filled the freezing silence. Their hearts now were filled with fear. Fear of a darkness ancient. The ever-shining pool was not clean and clear now, its water was tainted by the smoke rising from the north. Cries and  fears of the dwarf-folk were reaching to the elves and paining them. Their peace was disturbed and their light was dimmed. Fear erases everything. 

Thus the elves of Laurelindorenan began to think about sailing into the West. Slowly they left their homes and set their minds to travel. Camping and slowly moving through the forest. They would walk in the day and rest during the night. Secret paths there were, wrought by the ancient elves and the forests still remembered them. Thus slowly the company of Amroth moved into the West. Leaving Arda was  a sorrow for the elves for they loved the forests, waters and the mountains beyond measure. Much sorrow was laden to the hearts of the elves yet they walked on for they had no other choice. With a heavy heart they walked and they were already missing their home. They knew not what was waiting for them on the other side of the Western Seas, also, they had not seen the Sea, yet. It was only a tale, a dream. They feared sailing. There were so many doubts and darkening whispers among the elves about their journey, yet they walked on for greater was the threat from which they were fleeting.