Heat, Children, and Horses

Syllea groaned as she turned over in bed again. Sweat drenched her underclothes/bedtime clothes and dripped from her brow. She sits up and places her bare feet on the floor.

"This heat is killing me." She mutters before standing up and pacing the room.

She looks around the room, trying to find anything to cool her. This drought was affecting everyone; Syllea was no exception to this. She spots the seax Father had given her, then looks to the bottoms of her underclothes. They were the only pair of underclothes, and she debated whether what she was about to do was a good day. With a "what the hell" attitude she grabs one of her blankets that she had thrown on the floor earlier and wraps it around her bottom half. She carefully slides off her bottom underclothing as she covers herself. Carefully holding the seax Syllea cuts the legs of the clothing, turning them into shorts. She slides them back on and instantly feels cooler. She places the cut off cloth on the chair in her room in case she required them later. The young teen girl then stood and wandered into the main room of the house, making sure not to wake her parents.

"Now something for my top." She whispers.

The young girl finds some string and smiles. She grabs it and pulls her shirt up to just below her chest and ties the string around the extra fabric on the side. The little bit of air that hit her stomach was instant relief from the heat. With the rest of the string, she tied her hair up and off her neck. She smiled proudly at her handiwork before slipping outside.
The heat wasn't much better outside, but at least she wasn't in her room anymore. She wandered around the yard for a bit before heading inside and back into bed. She fell asleep quickly and woke very early the next morning.

She quickly gets dressed, grabs the seax, her daggers, and Cat before slipping out of the house before her parents are awake. Syllea breathed in the air but started coughing as she breathed in smoke from the recent fires. She usually enjoyed coming out early in the morning with the fresh air, but lately, it had not been as enjoyable. "Come on Cat," she mutters before starting the long walk to her parent's cottage.

Once there she steps in and opens a chest full of candy. She takes a hand-sewn bag and fills it up with the sweets. She pops a fruit jelly in her mouth then stands and leaves the cottage.

An hour later she is walking amongst other orphans like her former self in Bree. She smiles as the children run to her. This was her secret; Syllea was the candy girl. Once a week she went around to the orphans with a piece of candy for each. She laughs as little hands grab at her and her bag.

"She's here! Syl is here!" A young boy calls as he runs towards her. He jumps into Syllea's arms as she holds them out for him. She holds him on her hip and ruffles his hair.

"How is everyone?" She asks in her warm, and cheery voice she uses only for the young children.

"Hot!" Many yell in unison. One boy looks up at her and says, "I am well now that the prettiest girl is here."

Syllea laughs loudly at the boy, then puts the other that is on her hip down. "Who wants a treat?"

All the children push closer to her as she begins passing out the candy to all the littles. Once everyone has gotten a piece she flings the pack back over her shoulder and smiles, "Well my friends I am off to see my horse. I will see you later."

They all pout as she begins to walk away, but she waves to them until they stop chasing her. She walks up to Eogar's place and smiles as she sees Layla and her young foal running around in the fields. Today was the last day Eogar was allowing Layla and her foal, Hot Chocolate or Cocoa, to stay in the field for free. Syllea worried as she wondered where she would put both horses, especially with the drought...

((OOC: This was written a bit quickly so pardon any mistakes, confusion, and quick jumping of time.))