The Hidden Edge

The sweetest moments of a day are the dawn, where you wake up refreshed after a dreamless and peaceful sleep. As the night kisses me goodbye and the morning embraces me as an old friend, I rise up with a vigour I have not felt for some time now.

Despite the darkness that keeps getting closer around me and my friends, I now also feel the light that holds it at bay and something has woken within me, while I have slept. As I rise out of the bed and walk downstairs to the kitchen, I notice how light and quick my steps are, how agile the body behaves and there is no pain or numbness from my old wounds. I almost laugh out loud in delight as I sit down at the kitchen table and the sensation of feeling like a youth again fills me. 

I digest my breakfast faster than I usually do, because the call of the morning light is strong and I desire to be outside to greet it. As I walk out, there is a quiet in the moist air and a fresh smell of night rain is lingering over my farm. Standing there, inhaling what nature is offering me, I notice a movement in the distance and see Waelden is out walking around his own farm. It is a sight that pleases me, to see the old warrior and my dear friend recovering as well. As he disappears around the corner of his house, probably going to tend to his horses, Ethel comes out striding, moving with a purpose towards the tavern. As she passes my farmland, probably on her way to visit her friend Brona, she looks up and waves to me. I return the wave and watch her disappear behind the slope leading downwards to the tavern. I smile thinking of her bantering with her father Waelden and her youthful and carefree attitude which must be the reason why Waelden's hair is graying. 

As the sun slowly rises higher and warms the air around me, I set to my purpose of the day. I want to strengthen the fences around my farm animals, especially the wooden fence around the cows, who have broken it a few times and wandered off to Gwennwyn's dismay, while I was out serving the mark. I want to build a stone fence, which I know will require most of my time in the days to come. Luckily there is an old moss covered and ruined stone fence, west of my farm that belongs to nobody. I plan to recover all that stone and maybe some from the numerous ancient ruins that Bancross is built upon. Ruins that once was a part of the kingdom of Gondor they say, but that was long ago and now their purpose is to serve the mark instead.

As the days grow I work tirelessly loading up my wagon with stone from the old fence and haul it back to my farm, before I lead the ox that drags the wagon back out to the old stone fence again. Over and over I do this and I can feel my muscles ache from the long and hard work I have set myself to. But despite this, I'm not tiring and work with the same vigour as I woke up with. There is something unknown driving me and setting my mind to this purpose. Or maybe it is just the feeling of achieving something, to create something that motivates me and gives me this vigour? Pah! Duncadda stop mudding your mind with all these thoughts. I tell myself and shake my head in amusement, while picking up another stone to load up in the wagon.

As I lift the stone, I almost drop it again as a reflex when I see a very old leather skin laying under it. I set aside the stone I picked up and clear away a few more that lies on top of the skin. The skin is wrapped around something large and I'm certain that this must be some sort of valuables people have hidden away at some time. During times of war and uncertainty, people hide their valuables in stone fences like this only to recover them later. Whoever had hidden this, had never come back for it.

I carefully lift it up from its position within the old stone fence and place it on the grassy ground in front me. Sitting down on my knees, I take my time to unwrap whatever lies unveiled within the old leather skin. As the content reveals itself, I gasp in surprise. The gleaming leaf shaped sword laying there in its scabbard is crafted with a perfection which I had only seen once at another place, but this was not made by them. I raise my head and look around to see if there are other people around, before I draw the sword out of its scabbard. My mind goes numb, when I notice the sword is still razor sharp and it seems like it has been crafted this morning. I quickly sheath the sword again and cast another quick glance to be sure nobody else is around. I lay the sword down on the old leather skin and quickly wrap it up as I had found it. Holding the leather skin with its hidden edge within, under my left arm, I use my right to pull the ox and the wagon back to my farm. 

The stone fence had to wait, until I could hide the sword within my home first.