Heruwargr I name this blade; forged in roaring fire, and bathed in wolf's blood to sate its hunger of birth. I hereby bestow it upon brave Eldewine; hero of the Wold, slayer of vicious wargs. Long may the hilt rest well in your hand, long may the blade bite like a wolf's fangs, and long may it protect yourself and your kin from the servants of shadow. Wear it with pride, wear it with honor, and swing it for the Mark. Sing and howl in the hand of your new master, Heruwargr! Hail, brave Eldewine! Hail!

- Unknown swordsmith passing the blade to Eldewine, in the late third age.

Heruwargr, often called the Wolfblade, passed to Waelden many years ago after his father Eldewine had fallen in battle. It was always his wish that he not be buried with it, for a good sword can be a rare thing, and better then that it comes into the hands of a strong son. Ever since, Waelden has carried the blade with the same pride through battle and skirmish, and oft has the blade been drunk on the blood of foes. Yet very little has he reflected upon its name, even when wolves with kind hearts seem to circle and protect him and his kin. Perhaps the hands of fate themselves may have played a part, and placed the sword right into his hands for reasons unknown... For a sword is more than just cold steel wrought in a forge, and sharpened upon stones. A true sword has a spirit within, and its own will.


The runes read HERUWARGR in the Elder Futhark.
The sword in the image is an original 3D-model created and rendered by myself in Fusion 360.
It's based on various viking-era swords, a combination of models and shapes found in the Petersen Typology.
An example of a replica/inspiration source can be found here: Albion Swords: The Vittfarne
A picture in higher resolution can be found here: Heruwargr by Waelden

All rights reserved to the creator, i.e. the player of Waelden.
Please do not use it without given permission.

Original 3D art, created by Waelden