Pain through a Ring

I never felt cutting pain on my body without a wound being there, and yet I felt it across my chest, then a stab in my side, and a cut on my leg. The pain ripping through me as if I was the one taking these injuries. I knew Egfor had been hurt. Panic tried to set in, but I stood and regained my calm.

I was calm until that damn raven dropped a body scrap of material into my hand. I ran out of the pony, terror filling me. As I road through the market, not realizing I was heading in the wrong direction for the inn, I saw Rae. I didn’t ask; I just hauled him onto Calysto by dragging him across my saddle. He is small and light, but he is not weak. But I knew Raymond was needed as sure as I knew Egfor was wounded.

As I neared the south gate, he asked where I was taking him. The inn, I told him. The wrong gate, he said, having finally managed to sit astride on my horse. Without urging, Calysto was headed along the wall outside of Bree toward the Greenway. He would make it in time; he had to. He was a horse, and some people thought horses stupid, but not Calysto.
Once again, Calysto attempted to go into the inn, but alas, he was too big for the door. I slid off carrying Raymond over my shoulder, ignoring his loudly yelled complaints. I think I remember him saying he was coming willingly, but it didn’t register.

The blood, all the blood. And there was my love standing, holding a bloody ax. I set Raymond down rather roughly. Raymond went into action and treated the worst first. I didn’t notice I only had eyes for Egfor. He had an ax and was in a rage. I needed to disarm him.

Taking the ax out of his hand was a difficult task, but I did succeed. I didn’t know how to, so I started by humming and hugging him while I did it. I told him I was there and that I loved him and asked him to come back to me. It was working. 

Sadly, Syllea came just after I convinced Egfor to lie down so he could be treated. I knew the blood would hurt her. Seeing Egfor hurt and bleeding would hurt her. She’d watched her parents killed, and now this, but I couldn’t leave my prince. I held him and stroked him, and talked to him. I wasn’t going to let him go.