Blessed Green Fest (Muhudtuzakhmerag)

April 15th, 2021
3pm/servertime 8pm/UK time
The Greenhouse - Thorin's Gate

Event details:

Mahal’s blessings!

The Blue Mountains Regiment celebrates its Blessed Green Festival on the 15th of April. 
Dwarves of all clans are welcome to attend the ceremony of The Barley Offering (Zabdûnakhajam zarrur) inside the greenhouse next to Thorin’s Gate.

Please note that this part of the event is open only to dwarves.

Afterwards, everyone will gather at Frerin’s Court for the Traditional Pony Race.

Despite its name, horses that meet the judges’ criteria can also take part. There are great prizes to be won!

In addition, the grand winner will carry the honoured title of “Champion of the West” until next year’s race.

We end the event with the Lamb Feast at the Festival Arena next to Thorin’s Inn.

Everyone is welcome to attend and be merry to their heart’s content! 

OOC details:

This is a role-playing event and as such, we kindly ask that you stay in-character at all times. 

The Barley Offering ceremony begins at 3 pm (server time) and is open only to dwarves.
If your character is not a dwarf and you would like to attend, you can bring a dwarf alt.

Anyone can take part in the race which will begin shortly after at Frerin’s Court, around 3:45pm/servertime.

Only ponies and horses of 62% speed are allowed: no war-mounts or speed boosts.  

Quick look at Pony-Race route:

We look forward to seeing you on the 15th of April to enjoy the Blessed Green Fest with us!

Master Barkgrim, Master Nibun, Lady Vigga

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