Flame Of Elendil

Founding date
29 February 2020
RP epic questline, Spar tournaments
Main area of operations
All over Middle Earth
Kinship type

Free People Of Middle Earth


The forces of Sauron and White Hand

Kinship status
Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)
Talvir, Eohar


Ranger Anarthan made his way to Bree town at the request of Strider, his Chieftain. The goal was simple, form a fellowship to take down Amdir and protect middle earth from the enemies that threatens its very existence. But the weapons of the enemy doesn't only attack the flesh, but the mind as well. Will the Fellowship have it in them to see the task done until the very end?

*OOC Flame Of Elendil Roleplays epic questline on Thursdays & Sundays at 4pm UK (5pm GMT+1/Europe time) We are a mixed kin, that uses self made dice roll system, which greatly impacts & enhances our RP & Combat experience. All you need is a cool character with a backstory to join us. As of 21st December 2020, we are headed to Rivendell. 

We also do sparring tournaments every month. See your character become a Legend on our discord server, as we record his fights, wins, rank, stats (with a cool snapshot) and put it in our Power Rankings channel for the world to see. Our fights take place at various venues. Rules are simple: No food, No potions, No buffs/consumables, No armor. Lvl 2 weapon of choice. All classes allowed, All virtue and race traits allowed. 

We do instances, skirmishes and other group content as well. And even plan to do raids later down the line. And did we say we RP? tons of it?

Contact Talvir, Eohar in game or discord at Evenstar#5485


Malenkee Malenkee of the House of the Fountain Elf

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