A Letter From Father to Son

This letter is tucked behind Entry 5 of Egfor's Jornal. It was crumpled up, then smoothed out and refolded. 

Egfor, my dearest son,

I hope you are doing well in the lands to the North. We have been worried about you since you left and miss you dearly.  

I regret to inform you that your dear mother has passed away.  She left us peacefully in her sleep due to her age. 

Since she has passed, one of her wishes was for me to tell you the truth, as she could not bear to do so herself for shame of disappointing you. Your mother is not from Cliving as she told you. She is from Dunland, from which village, I know not, though she did mention a Stag-clan. Her actual name is Norn. She wanted to spare her children any harassment for not being a pure Eorling, so we hid this information from all, only to be revealed in her death.

In other news, a storm knocked out a small portion of the harvest, but we pulled through with more than enough to last us through Winter and into the spring. The Old Mare has finally passed on. It took her long enough. We had 2 foals late in the season and 3 late calves. Other than that, everything has stayed the same.

I look forward to seeing you or hearing from you soon.