Foreword to "Songs for the Happy Hobbit Hole, Volume 1"

-Page 2-


Following is the culmination of the work of Mr. Ganiago Puddifoot of Frogmorton: a volume of Hobbit-songs recounted to him most merrily in places across the Shire. The original is donated to the Most Respectable Mathom Society of Michel Delving for reading and display, and the exclusive right to reproduce this Work is granted to them by Mr. Puddifoot. 

On the facing page find an original poem by the Author, verbatum as performed before the Respectable Golden Perch Inn of Stock.

Disclaimer: The Author is not responsible for injury dealt to a purchaser or user of this book, henceforth a Client, as a result of excessive merrymaking. The Author is not responsible for any discomfort caused to an individual as the result of a client's unskilled performance of the songs contained within. Being of little musical capability, the author will not in the future be performing any song for any client, contained within this book or otherwise, in order to maintain the remainder of his dignity.


This book is dedicated to my Gammer,

who is a far better singer than I