A New Hope

Gaeded's day had started off as usual. She woke up with the feeling of a pit at the bottom of her stomach. After she dragged herself to get ready, she continued with the task she needed to complete. One by one she moved the boxes of her belongings to the Barracks, leaving her home barren. 'It's for the best', she told her self. The day turned for the worse, when Athlenah walked in. Her old friend accused her of trying to leave and wouldn't understand that Gaeded was only selling her house in case she decided to go home in the future. After all, Bree wasn't Gaeded's home and having a house to herself there was making her feel alone and isolated.

After managing to calm Athlenah down, Gaeded decided to go for a walk outside, to clear her head. The guard dog for the Barracks was there, as well as her own dog, Grim. Petting them made Gaeded feel much better. Grim noticed a stranger sitting on the ruin and decided to go say hello, in the form of barking loudly at the man. The man didn't seem phased by this, instead rather happy to make a canine friend. Gaeded, worried that Grim was causing trouble, walked over to the ruin and introduced herself to the man, named Varothomir. They got talking and it turned out that they had both fought in the war. He said he recognised her and after some thought, he said he'd saved her when she was poisoned on the battlefield. Gaeded couldn't quite believe him, but thanked him anyway. Perhaps he was the one who saved her, despite it seeming incredibly unlikely. Regardless, this filled Gaeded with a new curiosity: who was this man who claimed to save her?