The Guardians of Arda - Shadow of the Fourth Age

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Shadow of the Fourth Age 



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After the ring got destroyed, the dark lord Sauron was no more. He may have been banished, but the spawns of Mordor still crawl through the lands of Middle-Earth, plundering, looting and murdering. Not only the orcs from the cesspits of Mordor, the goblins that crawl in the mountain halls, the countless trolls that have no master to control them, or all other vile creations that remain from Morgoth's reign. Some fled into the hills and mountains, when their master was expulsed, but nonetheless, murdering and attacking small towns. Small communities of orcs started to form again, and there has been talk of a force of mountain orcs, larger and stronger, who unified orcs from different races, to stand against all that is good in this world. Their will, to plunder and murder, for loot and for land. Many have seen the destruction of the remnants of Morgoth, and the evil that still comes from Gundabad.

So has Erandriel, the elf lord who took up arms against Sauron’s forces, who has been through countless battles, under which the battle of the five armies, the battle of Helms Deep, the battle of Pelennor Fields and the last stand of men. He was there when dwarves, men and elves stood against the goblins and orcs. Afterwards, when he pledges allegiance to Legolas prince of Mirkwood, he fought alongside men to defend the people of Rohan from the white hand of Saruman, onwards to stand strong with the people of Rohan and Gondor against Gothmog’s army, to retaliate against Mordor and stood with the last stand of men in front of the Black gate. He has seen war, broken bloodlines, shattered shields, corruption in men from the East, the Haradrim, viciousness in the vile orcs that ever roam these lands, and so he decided. He would sail with the elven lords of old departing Middle-Earth, sailing west towards the undying lands.  When Erandriel set foot on the docks of Mithlond a foul smell was in the air. He was about to set foot on the ship that would take him to Valinor, when a cluster of fiery arrows rained down on the ship. Rapidly the sails catch fire, and stood a significant contrast against the bleeding sun, Anar, which came rising from Belegaer, the great sea. It was an ambush by orcs, remnants of MorgothErandriel fought them off as he saw the bodies of fellow elves, women and children, laying lifeless on the docks, and the cold streets of Mithlond. It was in this moment, Erandriel decided it was not yet time to leave Middle-Earth, he must stand guard to protect the realm of men against the remnants of Morgoth.

to stay and fight the remnants of Morgoth. He set to form an alliance of elves, men and dwarves. Together with the dwarven metalsmith Drakknaek whom Erandriel met shortly after the ambush on the ship he was meant to depart on, he spoke about his plan to form such a bond, both agreed on the urgency of the task and thus they  founded The Guardians of Arda. Slowly the word went around of this alliance of men, dwarves and elves, but since the dark lord Sauron was destroyed and many of its spawns fled into the depths and mountains, most did not stop to share in this honorable exploit. For years he had been meeting strangers, willing to take up arms, some did, and lost their lives over it. To stand against the lingering force of remnants of Morgoth, it takes more than a few to have victory over battle. After several lost comrades, broken fellowships and broken hearts. The alliance spread thin, and some who took up arms went back to their comfortable lives within the community of Bree, Thorin’s gate and the Shire.

Time has passed and the remnants of Morgoth grew stronger, tales have reached the elf-Lord Erandriel’s ears. Tales of vicious destruction, death, despair and loneliness. It is needless to say the number of wanderers in the woods, sell-swords and simple labourers looking for work in all the corners of middle earth increased. Slowly the world started to get more driven by gold, small organizations started to profit on the expense of other people’s losses. Regions are lost to the lingering forces of the spawns of Mordor.

The day came Erandriel met a wanderer, who wears a crown which looks like it has seen ages, yet a stunning craft, and so it was, as it was a crown of Numenorean descent. Crafted by the great Numenorean craftsmen, a long time ago, before Numenor sank to the bottom of Belegaer. Their meeting took place in the most inconvenient situation, amidst a fight against wraiths in the north of the Lonelands. The wandering descendant of Numenor, Faelagor, son of Eluindir fought with the wit of elves. There was more to this wanderer, thought Erandriel and so Erandriel and Faelagor met in secret, where both shared tales of their past. Faelagor shared tales of a lost town in the north, Luin-Gondolang, once home to the house of Eluindir, a descendant of Numenor who ruled over mining expeditions in Ered-Luin. A town lost to the remnants of Morgoth, who have pursued Faelagor, seeking for his death, ambushed him in the shadows of the Lonelands ruins, to end the bloodline of Numenor. Erandriel shared a similar story about an orc attack on Mithlond, setting fire to the ships, how they burned like the ships burned by the sons of Fëanor, when they sailed to Middle Earth, thousands of years ago,

It got clear to Erandriel that their intentions are not just the death of a single man, but rather to drive the royal bloodlines of the free peoples to extinction. Similar tales have gone around Ered-Luin, of goblin attacks on several Longbeards, Durin’s folk. The vile remnants of Morgoth have crawled out of the depths from which they crawled back into after the war of the ring. Now, stronger than before, a combined force of Orcs, Goblins, trolls and even certain giant-bred creatures have joined these vile spawns of Morgoth to lay waste to the realm of men.

Thus, it has come to an age where the free people of Middle-Earth stand defenseless against a ruthless force of evil, that’s why the Guardians of Arda must stand against this reckless hate. The Guardians of Arda must be reformed.

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