Sharp Tongue

Sharp Tongue (Click to listen)

He wasn't sure why a few of the Breelanders seemed so opposed to music. On the road and with the caravan, any music - even a few strings plucked by unruly hands - was appreciated. Song, tune or even just the sound of vibrating strings ringing through hollow wood was welcomed where it could be, in hostile places far from anything else comforting. Still, Ryheric was not easily disheartened. Too stubborn, playing for himself and no other. He was an optimist besides.

He kept a promise made in cheek after a few too many ales.

This melody, therefore, is for a girl who saw fit to insult Ryheric's music in the Prancing Pony, Ryheric sassed her on his way out saying: "I'll write a song for ye darlin'.." and here is the result.