Fiontann "Caveman" Berengar (Morthwyl)

Name Fiontann
Outward Appearance

Race/Ethnicity: Breelander


Skin Tone: Caucasian


Height: 6.1 feet


Build: Athletic and muscular, in a normal manner but very strong


Eyes: Brown


Hair: Long, dark brown


Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: He has some tattoos, including the sigil of The Bloody Dawn an inch below his left shoulder, the word LOYALTY on his left arm, a wolf on his upper back, a shield on his right shin and the word N an inch above his left chest. He also has various scars from battles or duels, the bigger is one on the shoulder, left there by the Captain of an Orc encampment in Lone-Lands where he lead an attack. Another two stabs on the left shoulder from a dagger. Two wounds on his right side near the stomach, like blades but clearly it wasn't exactly blades.

Appearance: Fiontann is a young man, 31 years old, athletic build, normally muscular, long dark brown her and beard of the same color. One can say he's handsome. He is always calm and reasonable and he won't resolve to battle unless absolutely necessary, he won't lose his temper easily, but if he does... Beware! His face is almost always smiling and gleaming, calm above all.

Religion: He doesn't worship or believe in any deities but in battle he will charge with a laughter, like Tulkas, and if angered, his anger will remind that of Orome.

Education: He knows how to read and write, and in his free time if he finds any he may read a book.

Languages spoken; Common

Weapons: A one-handed sword and a shield, a great axe on the saddle of his horse and a couple of daggers hidden under his cloak maybe.

Occupation: Wanderer

Special Abilities/Skills: Nothing special about him but he won't fall easily in a fight

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: He always seeks the good in people, which may lead him to wrong decisions. His jests are kind but his humor leans a little further than the insulting line, one may get offended from his jokes, yet he means no offense.



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The Ring of the Captain

My creation.


Fiontann was born in Bree, in a house close to the Beggar's Alley. His family was poor and at his 8th birthday his father left them and run away with a whore. His mother struggled to make a living for him and his little sister who was 2. He was taking care of his sister and was studying to learn to read and write as his mother was working until he became 12, at that time he started to seek a work anywhere he could. He walked in the Prancing Pony for some time, he helped warriors, nobles,  he worked for everyone and did anything to make a living. In the Pony was it that he met warriors from whom he firstly heard stories about the war and fighting with orcs and goblins that had drawn him to the art of war.

Those deeds slowly brought him close to warriors who taught him how to bear the sword and the axe, how to defend himself, how to fight and how to kill. 5 years passed like that and he became 17 when he decided to become a mercenary since there was no other decent future for him. His family was too poor to be considered and for him to be recruited as a soldier, though he has a valiant heart. So, he started escorting merchants on travels to the cities around Bree to keep them safe, that way he earned money to feed his family, at first secretly, and then he told his mother and sister of his occupation. They did not share his idea of being a mercenary because they, as many others, consider sellswords drunkards, who do anything for a fistful of coins, whoring and killing sensessly, so they left Bree without letting him now where they went because he became worse than his father.

So, 18 and alone he continued his mercenary life in and around Bree making acquaintances of many people and races. Despite being a mercenary many times he helped folks in need without money, just to do good. He fights to protect his homeland from external and internal enemies alike and helps everyone regardless of their race. He enjoys fighting which his occupation grants him generously, he likes drinking ale and sometimes he can be seen smoking his pipe at the Prancing Pony.

He is a loyal friend, companion. He will do everything he can to protect those around him. He is sentimental and always looks for the good in people, he tries to find it and holds on to it. Sometimes it's wrong because no one is what he seems to be or what the others think, and when something appears he strikes... And when he strikes he strikes hard.

He is loyal to his company and will do everything he must in order to ensure the safety of the other members. Now, after four years of service in the Bloody Dawn and after reaching being second in command he left the company. He left and accepted that he's a Fateless Wanderer and aims to travel South to fight Evil and defend the beauty of the world. In that purpose he unexpectedly found a friend to be also an ally and companion on this journey...

When seen, a raven may be seen also in the sky, circling above him. It's one of the ravens he had trained to use as communication means between the company and the groups that are on trips on job. This particular raven was trained with him, and now it's his companion. Its name is Aingen.

He was the proud Grand Master of the Order of The Fateless Wanderers, traveling where the Evl lurks. After a long expedition near Angmar the whole Order was separated after a big fight. Fiontann got captured and carried to Angmar and fought in the pits, he got a hit on the head and now he has amnesia, he's trying to find out what his visions are.

In the pits the crowd roared Morthwyl for him, which means Hammer in the tongue of the Dunlendings, Pren called him Hammer-man due to the large hammer Fion carries from time to time. When they fought side by side in the pits Pren used to call him Hammer-man in the common tongue or Dyn Morthwyl in his own tongue, the word Morthwyl prevailed and was used by the crowds in the pits.

Now he created The Black Steel company, wanting to take the fight to the enemy, he can be seen anywhere, seeking recruits for the cause. Months later a young girl of 16 winters joined the Company, she has no parents and lived here and there, she joined as a cook, yet, as time passed she show her character and strength. Fion took a liking to her and decided to listen to his feelings and teach her all that he knows and he named her his heir, he wants her under his protection. He adopted Lieta and she lived with the rest and traveled with them, she lead the company on an expedition to Rohan where she died by a "friendly" arrow. FIontann forgave the one who did it because she wasn't herself.


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Adopted daughter Lieta deceased
Enemies of his friends and his company.
Fighting, drinking, travelling.
Liers, hypocrites, traitors, those who think they are better than the others, mostly nobles. He has a dislike for those who come to Bree from other lands, most of them are troublemakers in his opinion.
To defend the Free People
I love the taste of ale after a good fight.

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Fiontann's Adventures

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