A Hobbit's Journal - Belly In The House

Morning in the small village of Brightdown begins the same way each day. At least it had for as long as I lived here.

The sun rises slowly over the horizon, its rays turning the fields that surround the village more green or gold or white, depending on the season. Warm early Summer sunshine illuminating the thatched roofs of Hobbit houses, and the great party tree in the main square all dressed up with bunting and colorful ribbons, swaying gently in the morning breeze. So it is on this day we finally found our new apprentice cook and pantry supervisor - a position of great prestige and importance among Hobbits.

I thought we would be inundated with applications, but in the end there was only ONE applicant. This is very strange indeed, but apparently all the posters I left around the Shire had been taken down over night, and vanished without trace ( I suspect someone really wanted this position ) . Anyway, since there can only be 'one' cook in the kitchen, this lonely applicant will do. He comes with excellent references, though his experience in the food department is more about 'tasting' rather than 'cooking'.

Welcome to Shire Rose cook Simbo Rumblebelly, Protector of the Pantry and Chef Extraordinaire.  

May the Pie be with you !