A Dream of Gulls

Upon the second night Finchley rests in Rivendell she dreams again and it is much like her first dream.

She is standing upon a cliff overlooking a vast expanse of water. The salty wind plays with her hair and brings in gray clouds over the bay. Above her head are many white birds, flying in endless loops, as if searching for something, and calling out to everything about them as well as nothing at all. Somehow, she is comforted by this.

But then she hears it; the voice on the air. It echoes out over the water, shimmering like sun through clouds. She cannot understand the words but it occurs to her that the singer sounds mournful and filled with much sorrow.

"Uich gwennen na 'wanath ah na dhín."

She her gaze left and right, frantically searching for the source.

"An uich gwennen na ringyrn ambar hen."

At last, she spots her all the way across the bay; an elven woman with hair and eyes like night, garbed in gray, singing to the waves as they ebb and tide, crashing against sand and rock. She is beautiful, Finchley thinks, but sad. She longs to comfort this singer but finds she cannot move from this spot.

"Boe naid bain gwannathar, boe cuil ban firitha."

She reaches out a hand towards her, only to find that she cannot see it in front of her. She feels her brows furrow and a faint ache in the pit of her stomach. Something is wrong but she can't understand what.

The singer's voice rings out in her head a final time as both a whisper and a cry.

"Boe naer gwannathach..."


And then she wakes to see nothing but the ornate surroundings of the Hall of Rest about her.