A Finch's Journal: Entry 23

(This writing in this entry seems to be messier than usual and the page is littered with smudges and the remnants of what looks to be droplets of tears.)

How could this happen? Everything was completely fine and then it wasn't. There is so much I don't know - that much is clear to me now. I should have asked him more when we were together. I should have kept my fool mouth shut for once in my life and asked him everything. Perhaps then all of this might make more sense. Perhaps I'd be able to do something. This is not how I thought my return to Bree would go.

(There is a clear pause in writing here, marked by uneven spacing.)

I should stop crying and muddling my own thoughts like that. Hawk would feel badly for it if I did and it surely doesn't do me any good. I must focus on the tasks at hand that will bring me to wherever he is in Gondor sooner rather than later. Maybe keeping busy will help.

To do:

- Write to this Calidis of Rivendell and thank her for her letter
- Write to Xan and Lif 
- Write to Bild and ask for advice
- Give Mister Tumunir his prize and see after Mister Byrge
- Ask Miss Taite if she's got a space for me while I'm here, even if it's on the floor
- Ask Miss Cesistya about routes and that letter for passage through the Golden Wood
- Trim hair
- Ask Mister Leoffrith if there's anything I can do for him when I pass through Rohan?