Evendim, the Eleventh and Final Part

"Finchley! Lass, you had me worried to bits!" Dewitt exclaimed, running as fast as his splinted leg would let him, with Floid - who was perfectly hale and whole - trailing behind him, to embrace her tightly as soon as she stepped off the boat. The raven situated on her shoulder croaked in mild protest.

"Aw, I'm sorry! I really am," she exclaimed right back as she clung to her mentor. "Things took a bit of a turn for the worse. Oh, but I'm glad Floid found his way here alright."

Floid nickered and seemed to nod in agreement. That had been quite enough danger and peril for him for a long while. Meanwhile, the raven on her shoulder croaked loudly and impatiently, looking particularly indignant, even as he tried to uselessly flap his injured wing.

Dewitt released Finchley from the embrace to give the bird a bemused smile. 

"Who's your friend, hmm?"

Finchley grinned and lightly 'booped' the raven on his beak, as if to say 'be nice' or something like that. To his credit, said raven only looked mildly annoyed when she did that. His beady little eyes were still fixed upon Dewitt with no small measure of distrust.

"Ah, that's a story and a half. But first, I want to see to his wing here. I think he's broken it. You know how to fix this sort of thing, right?"

"Mmhm, I do. And perhaps that story it has something to do about that little mark on the side of your head there?"

"Eh?" Finchley reached up and touched the spot where she had gotten clobbered. She had almost completely forgotten about it considering it didn't hurt as much as she thought it would. There was hardly any pain and only a bit of a scab where her fingers met the skin of her temple. "Huh... curious. I thought it'd feel a lot worse than that."

And so, the two of them set about to tending to the poor raven's wing. Well, that was mostly Finchley under her mentor's guidance, since the bird seemed to protest loudly if Dewitt tried to handle him and pecked at his fingers anytime they came near. Luckily, the injury was not as bad of a break as Finchley had feared. With careful tending, there was a chance that once the break had healed correctly, the raven would fly again. If not... well, she didn't want to think about the implications. She was determined to be optimistic. Either way, she didn't intend to leave the poor bird alone, even if he was slowly becoming a true Master of Sass in her humble opinion. He was already trying to imitate her laughter!

As they worked, she told Dewitt of how she came to find Floid and all the danger and such that happened afterwards. She did gloss over the strange dream she had about a blue lady and the oddity of the place she woke up in, for fear that perhaps, whoever had been watching her in that hidden grotto would not appreciate attention being drawn to her. In this, Finchley was not about to test her luck; at least not while still at the lake.

Of course, Dewitt knew that his protegee was leaving something out. But, of course, he did not pry, knowing that, if Finchley - who's main talent in life seemed to be talking - decided not to speak of something, it was usually for a good reason. He was just glad to have his trusty steed back!

The motley little group shared another meal of lake fish - of course, Floid grazed on the sparse bits of grass and shrubs nearby - about the campfire that night. In the morning, they arose early and piled themselves into the boat - of course, poor Floid swam, though he didn't seem to be overly bothered by it - and made for the shores of Tinnudir once again.

The Wardens seemed particularly glad to see them all return in one piece. Though, perhaps, they were even more glad to see their lost boat return in mint condition!

Floid was glad to be back amongst other horses in Tinnudir's stables and had a bit of a reuinion with his 'big sister', Destiny - which ultimately only ever made sense given that Destiny was bigger than him and not older. In turn, Destiny was glad to see her rider back safe and sound, even if she spent a lot of her time charming the poor stable master into giving her as many treats as she wanted.

Dewitt was glad to finally have a more secure place to rest while his leg finished recovering. Calenglad was cautiously glad to see Dewitt had survived and would live to go back and forth from this place again.

The raven was glad to be away from whoever had harmed him in the first place and near to someone who would happily share tasty food with him.

And Finchley was glad to eat a full course meal again. But, more than anything, she was glad that this trip proved to be highly successful. This is the life she wanted; seeing beautiful places, meeting different and unique people, and coming away with stories aplenty to tell.

Her time in Evendim was coming to a close - no doubt she would be back to see the lake again someday. All that was left for her to do was find a few beautiful stones she had promised to bring back to a few friends. And, perhaps, she'd write another letter to one who had warned her away from coming here int he first place. Like her Hawk, that elf was also ever in her thoughts.

Yes, this had all turned out to be one great and fantastical adventure.