A First Letter to A Hawk

( The letter - a reply written on a plain but hardy parchment - is received in a bundle containing other letters to other recipients, carried by the same courier hawk that had come to her with a letter only hours before she had sent it off again. )

To Hawk in Rivendell:

Words cannot express how happy I was to get your letter here in Buckland! It's a good thing your bird here - I'll admit that I laughed when I saw it was a hawk! - caught me just as I was getting ready to leave and cross the Brandywine to go into Tookland. Smart, quick, and beautiful to look at; just like you.

I wish I could properly express just how wonderful it is to be back on the road again. Despite things I heard back in Bree-town about brigands and road bandits, my trip has been rather peaceful so far. I decided to skip staying at the inn this time in favor of this nice little ruin I found on the banks of the river. I'm certain the innkeeper here is as relieved about not having to host me as I am about not sleeping in such a small bed! In Tookland, I think I will do the same. There are some great big trees there that might provide some good cover should there be some spring rain. I cannot wait to see all the wildflowers in bloom in the Shire!

I am glad to hear that Xan, Miss Mae, and Eduwiges are all well. Miss Cyndwin too, though I never had the pleasure of getting to meet her! I hope I will in the future. I want to see the person that Xan speaks so highly of. 

I confess that I had myself a giggle when I read what you wrote of this strange elf lass. Perhaps she stares at you because you're so good looking? But, from the way you worded it, I assume that isn't the case. Some elvish folk I've met are perfectly normal and others are a touch strange. Not that that is a bad thing. Strangeness can be fun.

I should stop writing here in case I make this hawk impatient! Apparently, I can talk on and on even in a letter. 

But a few quick words! You have my love and you have my well-wishes! I hope that your own adventure suits you well and that, when we meet again, I can hear what you've learned of playing the harp!

Yours always,


P.S. If you could please deliver these other letters I've included to Xan and Miss Mae, I'd be grateful!
P.S.S. Yes, I apologized to the bird thrice for taking up so much of it's time!