A Finch's Journal: Entry 21

I miss him.

I miss him! I miss him! I miss him!

There I've said it here now, though I've already said it aloud a few times. Somehow writing it down here makes it more real. To my credit, I have only shed a few tears. I don't think Hawk would want me to be sad about him leaving and I don't want that for myself either. Besides, it's only for a little while. As soon as I finish up my trip to Lake Evendim I will fly right back to his side wherever he is as soon as I possibly can. 

In the meantime, only six more days until I leave. I have just about everything ready. Destiny is more than ready to go. I think she's getting a little bored of staying in one place for so long. I know I will be happy to watch the road pass under our feet and breathe under the wide open sky again. But most of all, I will be happy to sleep under the stars often again. 

Only six days and in that time I hope things here in Bree stay relatively safe. I hope Miss Taite doesn't miss me overly much and that Mister Tairy keeps her well. Most of all, I hope that all the things that are currently weighing poor Ryn down will vanish in the least painful way. And if she should come to lose those she loves most, that time and hope will be a boon to her as it was to me when I lost Grams. There is still so much life left for her to live, truly live. All she needs is to be given a proper fighting chance to do so.

Spring has sprung. Life continues on as it always has with all its worries, hopes, losses, and dreams. All we have to do is figure out what we are to do with our time.