A title given under grim circumstance.

The company broke off from Gamforth and Rose, numbered less were Haeneth, Adriwyn, Alweard and Orduin now. They made their way after the troll, as it ran for whatever mountain hole it had crawled out of. Haeneth and Orduin trotted along the narrowing pathways. Alweard and Adriwyn behind them, looking for any rear-bound threats that might emerge. They soon came to an impasse, no longer could they ride atop their horses, and so they dismounted. They could hear it above them, rustling through the trees, crushing fallen twigs with its overgrown feet. Grunting in pain like a child who'd been scorned. 

Haeneth looked to her company, and asked how they might beckon the beast down. As the rocks were too steep, and in the melting snow of winter they would sooner slip than successfully make such a climb. Alweard pulled an ivory horn from his hip, and blew hard. It rang through the mountain side, echoing off of each surface the sound resonated upon. It was in this moment Orduin frowned, knowing the troll would not be the only thing to hear such a call. 

Yet it worked, and a gutteral scream not known to many rang out through the trees. The beast charged through the brush towards them, Alweard thrusted his spear into the beasts belly enraging it, Orduin yelled out for the beast, but it charged Alweard. With a swipe of its forearm did Alweard fly through the air, out of the vision of his companions. Haeneth fired arrow after arrow into the bellowing beast, it was dying. Blood spilled across the ground. The troll was not keen on giving up so easily. Adriwyn had launched her spear at its throat, piercing just enough for a shrill shriek to leave the beasts gurgling throat.

In its death throes was the beast most violent, Orduin called to it once more and so it charged him. He was weighted in his armor, but side stepped with vigor and finesse. Slicing at the trolls heel, and once at the back of his knee. It fell to its knees with a scream. Yet Orduin did not care to watch it suffer, He moved behind the beast with ample footwork and thrust both blades into its back. 

In its final act of defiance, it gripped Orduins waist and threw him unto the cold ground of the mountain. Knocking the air out of the man. The troll perished there, with wheezing breath did it fall. It's arms twitched slightly, before it locked up in rigor mortis. Orduin felt like his lungs were on fire, and struggled to breath but for a moment. His body was so full of adrenaline and rage, he stood gasping for oxygen. 

He looked out over the cliff, blood dripping from a fresh wound to his cheek. "Alweard!" he called out, his voice strained and his heart as well. Thoughts bombarded the man, he couldn't take it. Haeneth had insisted that the company move but Orduin was livid. He yelled out "Too many men have died before my eyes, I will look for him. We know not his fate, and this is not.." he paused a moment and sighed. He choked up, feeling a lump in his throat. "I will not abandon this man."

Haeneth looked up to Orduin full of sorrow and asked;

"Captain, will you help me search or not?"