Stand on the mountain

The day started at a table covered in maps and parchment, an early morning before catastrophe. With raised spirits, and smiling faces were Orduin and his Company prepared to make way for Cliving. To traverse the mountains, a swift way through the mountains they intended to find. 

So they set out for the mountain path, Gamforth, Rosehildda, Adriwyn, Alweard, Haeneth, and Orduin trotted along the battered pathways with their steeds, long winding ones they were. Not traveled often, treacherous as they were. The ground had gone from snow-kissed to nearly frozen dirt. Orduin could note how it slowed down Sioltar, the usually swift Stallion struggled with the mud that clung and grasped onto his hooves. 

A disgusting smell filled the Companies nostrils, it was sickly, and putrid. A corpse before them of a fully grown cow. For a moment Orduin thought it to be wargs, yet they held not teeth marks, nor bore no claw marks. Stripped meat, piece by piece. This deathly sight before them had been gored and torn. Orduin and Haeneth both knew what monstrosity had taken to eating this poor beast for dinner. 

A rumbling, not so distant. Crashing, branches breaking. The sounds of melted snow turned water dropping from disturbed trees as something approached them, making its low gutteral noises. Haeneth, Adriwyn and Rosehildda all made footing for distance, archers as they were. Orduin sent off Sioltar. Not keen to see his long lived riding companion lose his life this day.

It was before them now, and it let out a disgusting cry of no known tongue. As if the Company had trespassed on its feast, as if it was wandering for seasoning. Orduin roared out to his brothers in arms; "With me, Rohirrim!" his stoic seafoam blue hues peered down the beast, both blades poised in a defensive strike. The creature stood before them, well past 25 hands in his height, and wider than two men abreast. Its chest was marked with scars of battles long past, and the oafs breath came in hot stinking huffs as it approached. It was know then that suspicions were true, a monster had troubled these mountain passes.

Yet the beast was upon them, running for Gamforth at a dizzying speed. It had flung one of its overgrown arms out at Gamforth, sending him to the dirt below along with his steed that fell atop him, but not before the Rider tore its chest with his blade. Orduin had to side step quickly, as he'd nearly been ran over by the towering oaf. Bringing both blades down upon the things thighs. They made its mark but it was oblivious to its open wounds, running with only a limp. Alweard launched his spear, and attacked within distant. Poking and prodding the beast, tearing flesh from it with each strike.

The archers struck true with each pull of their bowstrings, yet the hide of this beast made it a difficult task to penetrate. Adriwyn slowed her breathing, and tensed her muscles now when pulling back her bowstring. Rosehildda tended to her dearest, freeing him from underneath his steed which bucked and whinnied before running for the fields. No one could see her, like lightning did Haeneth rush the thing, forcing her blade into the beasts side. It cried out in unfathomable pain, and turned on its heels running. 

The company looked amongst each other bewildered, and quickly all attention turned to Gamforth. The man had been hurt, having your steed fall upon you is nothing to cough at. Under Haeneths orders did Gamforth and Rosehildda retreat so that Gamforth might recuperate.

There was a troll to hunt.