The wedding of Lumina and Leoffrith

Leoffrith is trying not to pace. The ruins, kind of lonely and noble in their austerity, let in the sunshine of a lovely day, but there's no decorations beyond the stones; all the celebration is to happen elsewhere, after the ceremony. Leoffrith fidgets in his gold-bedecked tunic.
Taite hobbles over the sunlit grass, smiling as the weather whispers of coming spring. Demurely holding up the front of her skirt a little, she pauses when she sees Leoffrith, then nods in relief when he invites her in.
Finchley whispers to Taite, "You look beautiful!" as she passes.
Maddoct looks around, eyes bright and interested.
Blida comes to hang out by his brother, carrying a paper-wrapped parcel. But he makes sure not to get between him and Maddoct.
Taite looks over her shoulder with surprise. People are showing up quickly now! "Hullo, Miss Finchley, thank you!" she whispers.
Marnewyn scoots a bit more to sure she can see, and tries not to fidget.
Gustine quickly skips up to where she thinks the gathering is supposed to be, skirt bunched in one hand and while the other holds her hat in place.
Byrge tucks himself in somewhere hopefully out of the way...
Israa waves to Gustine!
Taite beams at the sight of the dwarves to her left, and she'd flap a hasty wave of her fingers at them.
Finchley waves to Byrge.
Hethuon looks about the old ruins with a ponderous expression. He knew few at the reception, and so nautrally gravitated towards where Cesistya (someone he *did* know) stood.
Cesistya chooses a spot near the door-frame... if it can be so called. Her staff is in hand, as always, though she looks less wind-swept and travel-worn than usual.
Taite whispers, "Hullo, Miss Cesistya!"
Byrge nods at Finchley slightly, smoothing out his tunic-front.
Maurr waves to Taite.
Cesistya smiles warmly at Taite and bows, "Good day, Miss Taite."
Marnewyn waves to Cesistya.
Taite says, 'I'm... not sure where to park myself...'
Gustine waves happily to everyone. She sees where the Dwarves are, and where the Men are.. but doesn't spot where the Hobbits are supposed to go.. So she wanders about for the prime spot.
Finchley looks awfully glad she had her 'best' tunic mended and borrowed a vest from a friend to cover up the mending lines!
Cesistya says, 'Anywhere you feel comfortable, I suppose.'
Leoffrith fidgets nervously and murmurs a few questions to the town clerk.
Maurr sets his flesh-and-blood hand on his hip, looking at Maddoct.
Taite remains beside the elf, as she always gives off such a calming, soothing air. She gives a happy little gasp and a wave to the arrival of Gustine!
Malbon chuckles and murmurs back, nodding a bit as he does so.
Cesistya would also smile and bow to Gustine as she passed! Hobbits are, as a rule, welcome everywhere.
Pansyblossom scurries in quietly, panting a bit, holding a bulky package wrapped in a pretty green cloth. She sees Marnewyn and hruries to stand near her.
Leoffrith says, "Anywhere you're comfortable! But Miss Lumina will be coming up from that way," he gestures towards in front of him, "so along either side there will be the best view of her and her gown!"
Maddoct just has his hands pressed tightly and eagerly together, looking around and relishing in the air and excitement. He looks at Maurr, then around the corner, then scoots his feet closer.
Marnewyn beams at Miss Bottle. "Good to see you!"
Maurr grins at Maddoct and sidles over to bump up gently against his shoulder.
Leoffrith counts absently. "I think everyone is here except Gregwald. I will box his ears if he misses this! Have I missed anyone else?"
Pansyblossom beams back at Marnewyn, "You as well!"
Gustine whispers, "I love your dress, Taite!"
Maddoct grins at Maurr.
Hethuon looks to Cestitya. "Ponderous place for a reception. Though I fancy it quite thusly. I shall have to meander about and explore when the reception is concluded."
Taite looks about for Gregwald and gives a little "Oh!" of surprise to see the man who appeared beside Ces. "Hullo, Mister Heth! You made it!" She turns to the tiny voice. "Ohh, thank you, Miss Gustine! You look pretty as a spring daffodil yourself."
Marnewyn nods and murmurs, "I think you might find a view toward the front better for watching. I'm back here because of my hat and being sort of tall."
Finchley gives a little wave to the bottle cake maker...
Pansyblossom grins at Finchley and shifts up a little bit for a good view, smiling gratefully back at Marnewyn
Israa can't help but smile at Maddoct and Maurr.
Blida murmurs, mostly towards Maurr but happy to include Maddoct and Israa, "Rofda couldn't make it, but I brought her well-wishes," and he very gently pats his parcel.
Hethuon looks at Taite, "Here and hither, Miss Taite. Too many folk were talking about the reception for me -not to attend. Blue quite suits you too, as an aside." He says, gesturing to her dress.
Israa sets her own parcels against the wall very carefully.
Taite curls her chin down towards her chest. "Thank you!"
Maurr chuckles. "Ah, well... Hopefully the tribute'll do."
Gustine beams upwards. "Hm! Theo and I were going to match -- he had this lovely coat and hat.." She gestures to herself, as if imploring Taite to imagine it. "But he got a dreadful cold the other day and couldn't come.."
Cesistya looks to Hethuon and would smile and bow to him as well, though of course she would not interrupt.
Blida thinks Israa has a good idea and sets his down next to hers!
Taite looks down at Gustine. "Oh, no! Oh, bless him, I hope he's better soon. What a pity!"
Gustine sighs and nods. "Poor dear.. I left him with the dog.."
Leoffrith frowns at hearing Theo won't be here. "I'm sorry we won't get to see him, Miss Gustine. Maybe another time!"
Taite snickers...then immediately looks guilty.
Marnewyn pities the poor dog, but doesn't say it.
Israa looks down to Bíld. "You look most dapper this afternoon!"
Finchley thinks about who is meeting her at the party later and slaps her cheeks a bit as she can feel them go pinkish!
Gustine starts snickering as well, then looks up to Leoffrith. "Surely! We'll invite you to dinner!"
Leoffrith turns to the clerk. "I think we're all ready, are you ready? If'n you are I'll-- If you are, I'll wave to Miss Lumina to come up."
Blida giggles, covering his mouth with his fingertips. "Thank you, madam!"
Taite can't handle Gustine's adorable hat.
Malbon nods to Leoffrith with a dry chuckle. "Ready when you are, lad."
Pansyblossom slowly catches her breath, still cradling the bulky package in her arms. She looks around at the folks, then settles her eyes on Leoffriith, watching him with her eyes full of joy for him.
Leoffrith nods, adjusts his tunic one more time, then waves to Lumina back at the far end of the ruins.
Blida hushes, looking up towards Leoffrith and the clerk excitedly.
Finchley makes an almost silent little 'eee' sound. She's excited!
Maddoct shifts on his feet, leaning fowar eagerly. He almost makes a similar noise, but manages not to.
Taite presses a hand to her stomach, her pulse quickening as she looks rapidly from Leoffrith to the far end of the ruins and back.
Lumina finally makes her way out of the other side of the ruins, dressed in a gown of deep red embroided with gold, an exposed midrift and a sheer scarf tucked over one shoulder. Her face is adorned with several gold piercings, and her hair is braided back into one long black plait. She joins Leoffrith and Malbon at the front, beaming at everyone.
Gustine puts her hands on her cheeks, giving a happy gasp.
Blida lets outs a tiny gasp of his own!
Cesistya goes quite silent, and settles in to watch, a glowing smile on her face.
Taite quite literally loses her breath at the sight of Lumina. An exotic, glimmering jewel, straight out of far-off fairy tales.
Finchley wiggles a little on the spot and beams!
Leoffrith watches Lumina approaching, raptly, and trying not to fidget. He holds out a hand to her as she approaches. "No wonder ever'one was... everyone was cooing about the gown, brega min."
Pansyblossom squeaks a bit with delight at the lovely clothing.
Israa smiles at Lumina, fingers clasped in excitement for her.
Malbon clears his throat in that way of the parochial public speakers.
Malbon says, 'Greetings, fine folk of Bree-land and those who've joined us from faraway places. We're here to link these two folk of Bree-land as husband and wife, and to attestitate to this union in the name of Mayor Tenderlarch and all of the greater Bree community.'
Taite bites her lips together when Leoffrith reaches for his bride's hand. Damn it all, why didn't she bring a handkerchief!
Lumina smiles warmly, accepting Leoffrith's hand.
Gustine looks up, reaches into her pocket, and offers Taite a hanky.
Taite glances down, sniveling, and gratefully snatches it with a smile.
Malbon says, 'Neither of them was born here. The ruddy-haired fellow comes from Rohan, which we hear is a nice place with horses, which is probably why he's working taking care of them, or so I'm told. And the dark-haired lass, Lumina, is from even farther away, a place called Near Harad, about which I know next to nothing.'
Maurr grins, but he keeps hush, watching with merry eyes.
Leoffrith grins a little to Malbon, then sniffs himself to make sure he doesn't smell of horses. For once, he doesn't, almost.
Maddoct chuckles under his breath at the eloquent clerk.
Malbon takes a deep breath as he looks over the crowd.
Malbon says, 'But since they have both chosen to live here, in the finest community in Eriador, we won't hold their origins against them.'
Malbon adds, in a joking aside, "Well, not too much!"
Finchley gigglesnorts a little.
Gustine giggles.
Malbon continues in his normal orating voice, "At least their children will be proper Bree-landers!"
Taite chuckles softly, hankie clutched near her chin.
Blida humphs, though good-naturedly.
Malbon he makes another attempt at a jocular aside to the bride and groom, "There are going to be children, right?"
Malbon straightens and resumes his official demeanour.
Lumina flushes, glancing around at the crowd.
Leoffrith blushes faintly, a few freckles appearing, and nods.
Byrge watches with an extremely grave expression.
Pansyblossom grins and chuckles softly.
Cesistya is sure there are going to be children and ponies riding around every which way in the next few years...
Finchley slaps a hand over her mouth to silence her giggles.
Malbon says, 'Now, I've already confirmed with Bill Rosewood that the lad, Leoffrith, has been working in Bree at the west gate stable, and before that at other stables in the Horse-fields, in Hookworth, and in Trestlebridge, for nigh on three years all told. And I've heard that there are deeds showing ownership of land and homes in Bree-land, in Napgrove and Hookworth.'
Malbon turns to the couple again. "May I see the deeds so I can confirm all is in order?"
Pansyblossom nods approvingly that all the formalities are being properly observed.
Leoffrith coughs and then rummages about in his tunic and produces a couple of rumpled pieces of parchment, and hands them to Malbon.
Malbon looks them over, and frowns with dubious harumph. "Well, whichever clerk drafted up this one, I need to speak with them about the proper order of the conveyance clauses. We ain't been doing them this way for more than three year!"
Gustine snorts.
Lumina stifles a laugh.
Leoffrith gulps a little.
Taite presses a hand to her flushed cheek, beaming all the while with her eyes upon Leoffrith and Lumina.
Pansyblossom looks a little shocked, and whispers, "Out of order?"
Malbon turns to the couple again. "Don't fret on that! That's a matter for the office. The form of the one may be old, but it's also in proper order, near enough, so I can proceed."
Pansyblossom looks genuinely relieved.
Maurr strokes his beard and chuckle-whispers aside to Maddoct while they're doing that, "Nothing like a last-minute contract error..."
Israa pauses, glancing down to the nearby dwarves. Breeish bureaucracy is utterly beyond her.
Leoffrith stammers, "Well, one of them is up for sale already anyhow..."
Finchley looks skyward for a moment and grins. Bless the orator, honestly.
Maddoct strokes his beard, snickering.
Blida shrugs up at Israa, but since things seem to be in order after all, he remains happy!
Malbon nods. "That's fine, lad. Won't matter for today."
Malbon turns back to the throng. "On behalf of the Mayor of Bree-town, with authority over all matters of law and prudence in the greater Bree-land area, I attest that these two are eligible to be wedded. Do any here have cause to disagree?"
Leoffrith nods, trying not to sweat, which only makes him sweat more.
Malbon casts a look over the crowd that strongly suggests there'd best not be any such foolishness on his watch.
Pansyblossom holds her breath.
Taite shakes her head with violent vigor, smiling toothily.
Lumina looks around as if daring someone to protest.
Cesistya looks over the crowd as well; she has no cause to disagree, but, she can't help but be curious to see who might, and what their reasons might be.
Maddoct shakes his head quickly.
Marnewyn looks about as well, and wishes she'd brought her bow and spear after all, just in case.
Leoffrith gives Lumina's hand a little squeeze.
Israa looks around, though she would never protest.
Malbon nods after a suitable pause and clears his throat again.
Malbon says, 'The bond of marriage is not one to be entered without thought and certainty, for it is the stone from which we build our homes, our roads, our towns, and our community.'
Malbon says, 'Do you, Leoffrith and Lumina, attest that you have known each other long and well enough to feel the truth of what is in your hearts for one another, and that you enter this arrangement with solemn certainty and complete commitment?'
Lumina quickly nods.
Leoffrith nods, keeping his eyes on Lumina. "Solemn certainty and... the other thing you said, yes."
Pansyblossom slowly lets out the breath she's been holding, her eyes shining with unshed tears, though she smiles with great joy for her friend.
Malbon nods his satisfaction.
Malbon says, 'Leoffrith, son of Leoffler, of Marton and Hookworth, do you choose this woman Lumina to be your one and only wife and the mother of your children, to stand by her faithfully in all the happenstances of your lives, and to keep her and provide for her and her progeny, for so long as you walk under the Sun?'
Taite is doing just fine until the vows begin. Suddenly her eyes start burning and her throat aches.
Maddoct blinks a few quick times, getting misty-eyed.
Blida clasps his hands together, blinking fast.
Finchley gets a little misty eyed and smiles brightly!
Saelema blinks. Only one wife?
Leoffrith glances to Malbon, nods, then turns to Lumina. "For so long as I live, I am hers. Ic lufie þe, brega min."
Taite sniffles a bit, hankie at the ready.
Israa blinks back tears, raising a hand before her mouth.
Malbon turns to the radiant bride.
Malbon says, 'Lumina, of Near Harad and Hookworth, do you choose this man Leoffrith to be your one and only husband and the father of your children, to cleave to him with true heart come whatever may, to keep for him a well-ordered home and raise his progeny, for so long as you walk under the Sun?'
Lumina quickly nods again. "Yes, of course."
Malbon nods, looking out to the throng again.
Leoffrith beams at Lumina, his smile almost as radiant as she is.
Finchley grins even brighter! She's getting better at her Rohirric so she understood the gist of that!
Malbon proclaims, "By the authority vested in me, derived from the Mayor of Bree-town, Graeme Tenderlarch, I hereby declare that you are husband and wife, for so long as you walk under the Sun."
Malbon stage-whispers to Leoffrith, "That, lad, is your cue to kiss the bride!"
Lumina squeals excitedly and kisses Leoffrith as Malbon is still whispering.
Hethuon hears the peculiar words from Leoffrith, pondering them for a moment. Although not -understanding the words, he quite likes the sound of them. And so, he smiles contently.
Finchley does not quietly "Eeeee!" this time!
Leoffrith hadn't quite gotten it in his head that he was supposed to kiss her before she took the lead, but after a heartbeat the kiss takes him away from the moment anyway.
Gustine puts her hands on her cheeks and also squeals happily!
Taite can't seem to breathe, but it's the loveliest agony in the world. Her throat spasms a few times, and a tear slips free. At the kiss, she breaks into a fervent round of clapping.
Pansyblossom cheers heartily for Leoffrith and Lumina, "Well done!"
Maurr grins, and as soon as Lumina pounces, he starts to applaud.
Blida claps for Lumina.
Marnewyn chuckles, grinning at the pair.
Taite claps her hands.
Byrge's solemn expression softens just a little.
Malbon proceeds in proclamation, independently of the groom's response, "Now, let the celebration commence!"
Israa applauds joyfully, beaming.
Malbon adds, in a much less official, now hopeful tone, "I understand there's to be food?"
Maddoct sniffles harshly and starts crying...
Finchley cheers for the both of them!
Blida says, 'Good fortune and good stars!'
Cesistya applauds and cheers at the kiss, a most uncharacteristic outburst from the quiet Elf, but a most well-deserved one!
Taite shouts, "Congrats, Mister and Missus...Leoffrith!"
Lumina steps back and beams around at all of her friends.
Maurr looks over at Maddoct and chuckles, though his eyes soften.
Marnewyn giggles and applauds
Finchley cheers.
Gustine says, 'Wonderful, wonderful!'
Gustine pats at the corners of her eyes with her fingertips, but that's the extent of her tears.
Blida rocks happily on his feet, putting his fingertips to his cheeks and, while not crying, blinking very bright eyes.
Saelema applauds quietly, not wanting to draw attention.
Taite keeps on clapping, hampered somewhat by the handkerchief. Realizing that a soppy mess would not do for a party or feasting, she presses it to her damp eyes, sniffling loudly.
Leoffrith keeps an arm around Lumina as he turns to smile, his eyes damp, at the cheers. "Thank you, thank you everyone. I..." He's a bit too choked up to speak.
Maddoct wipes his face on his sleeve, blubbering.
Taite thinks Doc needs a hug, pronto!
Maurr offers Maddoct a corner of his cloak.
Israa dabs at a tear at the corneer of her eye with a handkerchief. She looks down towards Maddoct and Maurr, then back to the newly wedded couple.
Lumina gasps. "Wait!" she yells, bouncing on her toes. "I have to throw my flowers first!"
Maddoct takes that and scrubs his face, starting to laugh through his tears of joy.
Gustine gasps and.. looks ready to pounce to catch..
Leoffrith glances to Lumina and blinks.
Taite looks at the handkerchief, then down at Gustine. Better not give it back just yet...
Maurr laughs and says half-jokingly, "Hear that, hm! Look sharp!"
Cesistya keeps her hands to herself...
Lumina gestures for everyone participating to get closer together.
Malbon chuckles, nodding. "Indeed. Where do you want the eligible lasses to gather up?"
Blida laughs, though he gets a bit of a complicated look in his eyes, and folds his hands behind his back.
Maddoct laughs again and elbows Maurr. He can't see anything, let alone catch anything!
Finchley decides to participate cause why not? It's fun!
Leoffrith hmms. "Most of them over here, how about the rest of you come over here by the archway?"
Taite blushes ferociously, but refuses to let shyness get in the way! She hobbles forward. Grabbing Gustine and dragging her along.
Byrge ...... starts to shift his weight forward..... but then back again, giving up.
Gustine laughs and is happily taken!
Saelema has no idea what the bride is referring to and remains where she is, mild confusion apparent in her expression.
Pansyblossom bites her lower lip then joins in with the group.
Leoffrith beckons to Byrge, Pansy, and Marney.
Marnewyn ponders, and tries to hide in the back, at least.
Leoffrith says, 'There, how's that?'
Taite whispers, "Good luck, Miss Gustine!"
Maddoct looks at Byrge and laughs again. "Gonna catch?" he asks, face gross and wet.
Finchley crosses her fingers for Taite!
Cesistya wonders how the hobbits will fair against the Big Folk...
Byrge ... looks between the tear Maddoct and Maurr before he settles in next to them... "N... no..."
Pansyblossom gently sets down the bulky package she's holding at her feet.
Marnewyn whispers to the lass in front of her, "I hope you can jump high."
Gustine nods seriously at Taite, looking determined..
Lumina turns around and then tosses her bouquet of red and white roses over her head.
Leoffrith just watches Lumina, beaming.
Lumina quickly turns back around to see who caught it.
Pansyblossom raises her hands uncertainly, then seeing the trajectory isn't near her, she looks relieved and picks up her package once more.
Gustine does try her darndest to catch it, though, despite her height. Nearly leaps for it..
Finchley leaps up just a little bit. She only makes a little attempt to catch it because she knows she would die of embarrassment if she actually caught it.
Taite can't leap for anything, but she certainly doesn't try to reach in front of Gustine, who is the most deserving!
Leoffrith | The bouquet arcs through the air and is angling to come down amongst the Dwarves, right towards Maurr.
Saelema watches with fascination, half of the lasses are avoiding the bouquet and the other half are scrambling for it...
Malbon simply watches with a dry chuckle, wishing his great-grandaughters were old enough to be part of this.
Maurr watches with some amusement for a moment, but then while everyone else is looking elsewhere fishes a real handkerchief from his pocket and discreetly leans over to tidy up Maddoct's beard -- having no idea the bouquet is on a trajectory to hit him in the face.
Finchley watches the bouquet fall and wiggles her brows at Maurr and giggles up a storm.
Lumina laughs and clasps her hands together in anticipation.
Taite squeals, "Master Maurr!" in warning.. but perhaps too late.
Saelema reaches for the flowers, not wanting them to hit the ground.
Byrge 's eyes widen and he also reaches out to catch the flowers to save them from hitting the ground...
Blida says, 'Maurr!'
Israa raises a hand to hide her smile.
Maurr says, 'Hm?--'
Maddoct endures the beard-cleaning, staying very still for it, even. He blinks and looks up when everyone starts shouting.
Hethuon eyes the bonquet's trajectory thusly. He appears greatly humored when it lands in the dwarves' vicinity.
Pansyblossom gasps a little at the excitement.
Finchley is absolutely doubling over giggling.
Maurr || ... The bouquet collides with his face.
Gustine nearly stumbles, as the flowers go too far for her. But seeing where they're headed, she bursts out laughing as well.
Maurr says, 'Ack!'
Lumina laughs again, reaching up to cover her mouth.
Maddoct goes-wide eyed before chortling loudly.
Leoffrith | Of those grabbing for the bouquet, Byrge is the one to actually get a grip on it.
Israa bursts into a giggle.
Taite turns away, hand over her face, laughing merrily.
Finchley looks at Byrge and giggles even more!
Pansyblossom claps heartily, "Well caught!"
Cesistya can't help but crack a grin at the shenanigans. That did not go as planned... but some of the best things in life go that way!
Taite says, 'Aye, and well thrown, Miss Lumina!'
Maddoct whips his head to Byrge and now doubles over as well.
Lumina bounces on her feet. "Well! There is plenty of food to eat down the hill, that the lovely Bryge and Israa helped me prepare."
Marnewyn shakes her head, trying not to laugh too hard.
Byrge diving tackle saves the bouquet from the floor, though his own face hits the mud.
Taite mumbles, "I... guess it's not Miss Lumina now, is it..."
Leoffrith casually steps up to take Lumina's hand in his once more. "It's real," he whispers to her. "It's really happened."
Maddoct has to hold onto Maurr's shoulder so he doesn't fall over as well! He starts wheezing..
Taite blinks at Byrge.
Lumina whispers something in reply.
Maurr whips his head around, not sure what just happened...
Israa leans down to Byrge, offering him a hand.
Gustine winces, but still laughs..
Finchley goes over to check on poor Byrge and to offer a hand up.
Byrge has dirt all over his beard and front... but not a speck of mud on the bouquet, nor a petal lost.
Taite returns her smile to the newly married couple! Tears seem far off now, so she offers the hanky back to Gustine.
Leoffrith blushes brightly, his cheeks pinking. "Which way was it back to the food?" he stammers.
Lumina cheerfully points in the direction of the ruins in the middle of the festival grounds.
Byrge hands off the bouquet to Israa before accepting Finchley's help up...
Marnewyn giggles at their exchange, and moves to the side.
Gustine looks up and gently takes the hanky, patting an eye with a dry corner while she is still giggling.
Blida folds both hands over his mouth, eyes watering from the whiplash of tender emotion to disbelieving amusement...
Leoffrith nods. "Well, let's all get back there! I for one got a plenty big hunger built up. You all right, Mister Byrge?"
Maddoct pats some dirt off Byrge's shoulder...
Maurr looks from Byrge, to Israa, to Finchley, to Maddoct...
Finchley | As if on cue, her stomach growls loudly.
Byrge says, '......... I'm fine............'
Taite isn't sure whether to call them Mister and Missus Leoffrith or Mister Leoffrith and Missus Lumina, or something else entirely, so she just smiles.
Pansyblossom gathers the package she's carrying close and picks her way carefully through the tall grass, letting her nose help guide her to the feast.
Leoffrith nods. "Miss Taite, you need any help for the walk back?" he asks, still holding Lumina's hand.
Israa holds the bouquet awkwardly, offering it out to Maurr and Byrge.
Lumina kicks off her shoes so that she can better walk in the grass, and then hurries over to her small group of friends.
Gustine sighs happily, taking her eyes from the Dwarves to the couple. "Oh, congratulations you two!" she cheers.
Taite rushes a hand to her throat. "Oh, Mister Leoffrith, don't you even think such a thing. You go on! I'll be fine!"
Lumina beams at Gustine. "Even if Byrge caught the flowers, you will be next."
Marnewyn chuckles. "I'm more her height, anyway, for offering an arm of support. If you need it, Miss."
Taite says, 'Aye, Miss Gustine! We'll see you married yet.'
Maddoct still snickers from behind his teeth, and still helps brush dirt off.
Leoffrith grins. "And I'll be sure not to get a cold just afore it if'n I can!"
Maurr looks around confusedly, just now piecing together the sequence of events... and laughing. "Ahh, that's Master Byrge honorably won trophy, Miss Israa!"
Gustine says, 'Oh! Well!'
Israa beams at Lumina. "Congratulations!" She peers over to Gustine, beckoning her over with a nod of her head and an oddly knowing look in her eye.
Gustine shrugs cutely, putting a hand to her cheek.
Finchley reaches over to pat Leoffrith on the shoulder. "[R] Congratulations."
Lumina warmly smiles at Israa. "Thank you! Oh, you look so pretty."
Byrge looks... frazzled... wipes some dirt off his face with the back of his hand...
Israa says, 'Not half as radiant as you! The dress is even lovelier than the sketch ...'
Leoffrith smiles to Finchley. "[R] Thank you, friend," he says quietly, with careful enunciation.
Maddoct whispers something to Byrge, still looking greatly amused.
Maurr leans in because he wants to hear this.
Taite turns around at the voice behind her shoulder, eyes wide with surprise. "That's awful kind of you, Miss...?"
Lumina smiles, looking down at the gown. "You think so? The seamstress wasn't sure about my stomach being exposed, you know, but I assured her that it was very traditional."
Maddoct says it loud enough for Maurr to hear, too.
Byrge coughs, at whatever Maddoct said, and his face slowly goes entirely red. Even so... he holds the bouquet carefully...
Finchley keeps it in mind to practice that phrasing later! She turns to Lumina and grins. "Congratulations to you too! You look beautiful."
Israa says, 'It is! And it suits you most handsomely ... I never imagined I would see such splendor in the North.'
Marnewyn smiles to Taite. "Marney. Short for Marnewyn, but that seems excessively formal."
Maurr bursts out laughing, but fondly, and reaches over to pat Byrge's shoulder.
Lumina beams at Finchley. "Thank you!"
Maddoct bursts into loud laughter again as well.
Blida giggles at the proceedings, then scoots back to the wall to pick up his parcel from earlier.
Taite returns the smile. "Marney is a nice name! I'm Taite, if you didn't know already. I like your dress, Miss Marney. And your hat!"
Lumina takes Leoffrith's hand again and gestures to the entrance. "Come, come, we have lots of food to eat!"
Finchley says, '"Food!"'