Watchers of Bree

Founding date
To expand the purpose and influence of the Watch on Bree-land’s community.
Main area of operations
Bree-land, its four villages, and its homesteads.
Kinship type
Bree's Militia, Healers, Witnesses, and Good Folk
Brigands, sell-swords, and those who would abuse the good name of Bree.
Kinship status
Recruiting Officer(s)


The Watchers of Bree are an unofficial faction within the Bree Watch. Led by Captain Curdnen, formerly First-Watcher of Archet, the Men in his service have a different outlook than others of their comrades when it comes to how best to serve Bree. Curnden and his cohorts are citizens first. They are members of the community of Bree, and not only the face, name, and voice of the Law. They believe that settling disputes is better than punishing the parties involved, and that an easy word goes further to promoting peace than a harsh one.

“Being hard on crime only makes harder criminals,” Qais had muttered once, years ago, grumbling at the telling-off the recruit had received for letting an apple-thief in the market go. Always fond of the boy who’d grown up under-foot of the Archet guard, Curnden overheard the youth, and took him under his wing. Since, he has always had his eye out for those who would rather use their minds and wield their tongues before reaching for a clubbing stick. 

"We don't wear these colours to do Orc-work, to hunt people down and end them with nothing but the drum beat of a mob in our ears and hate in our hearts, just as it is. We're better than that.” It is a lesson the Captain oft repeats.

Since being reassigned to the Bree-Watch three years ago as Captain, Curnden has worked to expand the Watch’s role in Bree, founding the Outriders—mounted scouts who keep the far-flung farms and worksites within the protective sphere of the region’s largest town. Now, the captain has raised the dormant Militia, and any Bree-citizens who want to see peace kept and people carrying on may volunteer. For providing their own weapons and gear, Militia members earn the right to wear a pewter badge of the Boar of Bree on their breast and lend their aid when the Watch are too few and the need for action is great.

Recently, as well, the Watchers have begun construction on a new Orphanage in the homesteads to help shelter the most vulnerable, misfortunate folk in Bree—children who have lost their parents, or whose parents can no longer care for them.

If you are interested in joining the Watch, the Militia, or to help out at the Orphanage, contact Captain Curnden or Qais Caraway, First Outrider


We are not the only, nor the official, Watcher kinship in Bree. We make no claim to be the final word on anything law-related when it comes to Bree-land RP. If you want to join our story and play along, feel free, but we won’t force any of our stories on those who don’t want them. For involvement in plots involving the Watchers of Bree, contact Curnden or Qais.


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