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This Chronicle is an account of the Woodmen of Eriador's journey to Bree-land, their settlement in Chetwood, and any events that take place afterward, all from Gelvira's persepctive.

Chronicle Content

OOC Information regarding this Chronicle:

What is to be expected from this Chronicle are Gelvira's feelings, opinions, and experiences that she finds herself emerged in throughout her time in Bree-land. It may also include lists, drafts of letters, or any other documentation that she may have used.

Most of the pieces will refer to actual RP that has occurred in game, yet some may not, but all will be specified at the beginning of each entry.

DISCLAIMER: In this journal, Gelvira refers to her Clan by their true names. To most, however, they would have other variations that they give to them, so please do bare this in mind whilst reading.

IC Information regarding this Chronicle:

*The journal itself seems to have survived the battle of travel, weather, and Gelvira's lack of sense when taking care of her belongings. The exterior is incredibly worn, each corner ripping at the seams, and due to the weather the fabric of the leathered journal had started to become discoloured. The pages that the journal held seemed to be in a condition good enough for it to be of use. On the first page of the journal, a small inscription has been wrote as an introduction to its contents, which appears to have been scribbled out, making it undecipherable*



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