A Finch's Journal: Entry 7

I've been a busy lass this winter!

Of course, I knew I was going to be and I have no complaints. Those I do errands for pay me quite well and the cold air outside keeps me on my toes. Nothing like the bite of cold on one's cheeks to wake up in the morning! I realize this sounds a mite sarcastic but I am being honest here. As I come to like winter more and more, I find that the things that make people hide away in the warmth of their homes are the things that make me want to be outside more often.

I swear, I can hear Grams now. "What are you doing running around in the snow, foolish child?! You'll catch cold and then you'll learn to stay indoors."

As one can see, I never learned to stay indoors. Sorry Grandma!

Yule this year is surprisingly  better than the last. And by better I mean I have more people to keep company with. Last Yule, I kept company with only myself and the farmer's house I was lodging in. And, of course, Destiny too! I had no complaints of course. But goodness knows that I've been really spoiled this year with good friends and food aplenty! I know I will be sorry to leave it behind when I take to the road in spring. I wonder if I'll be missed here in town until I return again at some point -- which I most certainly will!

But, I know that once I feel the road underneath my feet again, I won't be so mopey. I always feel more at peace with myself when I'm off to some faraway place. After all, the entire world is home to me now. I just have to discover all the rooms in it.

Note: Talk to Miss Taite about your knitted things, you ninny! Your scarf is almost completely unwearable!