A Finch's Journal: Entry 6

My, what a grand winter this has been so far! Grams used to hate winter. Said the cold and snow made her joints ache. Didn't like the gray-ness of the sky either. I used to not like winter either because it meant that grams would make me stay inside more often than not to practice reading and writing more. Of course, she knew that she was doing me good by doing so. Were she still here, I'd thank her properly.

Meanwhile, I've grown rather fond of winter. I like the way snow looks on tree branches and the way ice looks when light hits it. I've been a little run off my feet with all the errands in town but I do remember to stop and appreciate things as I see them. And, with the colder weather coming in more and more, the amount of errands should be lessening and I'll get paid more for going out in the cold when everyone's huddled around the fire in their homes. This suits me just fine, because I don't mind being out in the cold so long as I have a fire to be beside by nightfall. And I have Miss Taite to thank for that.

Note to self: Take some time to have a proper conversation with Miss Taite. Also, speak to her more on those knitted things sooner rather than later!

I have, however, gotten to spend more time talking -- well, it's mostly me doing the talking! Ha! -- with Mister Maddoct and Mister Maurr. Truly, the pair of them are always great company and somehow haven't gotten tired of my constant chatter. That's first! Of course, Destiny has to put up with me talking to her nonstop on the road and I don't know if she tolerates it because she can or because she's a horse and can't exactly say "Shut up, Finchley". 

However, I mentioned something about courting, seeing as I've seen so many cozy couples about town this winter and poor Mister Maddoct looked a bit more embarrased than usual. He said he always blushes which is true but certainly not like he did. Mister Maurr also seemed a bit odd but he seemed to recover quite quickly. I apologized and thought my tongue had run on for too long or that I might have said something that touched on a sore spot for them but they said it was just that Mister Maddoct didn't believe he was handsome. I think that was the truth but I couldn't help but feel there was something more to it. But I won't ask. Even if I'm concerned, it's none of my business unless they should choose to tell me. 

Another note to self: Keep an eye on Miss Taite, for Mister Maurr's sake! Meet the new boarders as well.

I think I've figured out a plan for my next destinations. I will go to the Shire in spring and then head up towards that great big lake in the north that I heard Floid was traveling to when last I heard from him. Then I'll head eastwards to the North Downs again in the summer to continue where I left off. 

Goodness, I think I might even miss being in town while I'm on the road come spring! Imagine that!