Winter Wonderland and Seasonal Wishes

Tis the Season to make Merry

The last few months have been host to many a gathering in the prelude to the year-end festivities we all so much enjoy. Let us remind ourselves of a few of them from the past few months. the end of October there was a rumour of a spooky gathering in the lands of the Dunlendings a little south of the Bruinen.  We are told that many came a gathering that night dressed in furs and their painted faces. Let’s hope they were performing more than the expected rituals, perhaps they were gathered to brew fine spirits for the year end. 
 long after a messenger brought back news of many flags of the Rohirrim being seen across the borders of Dunland. The riders form abroad on their fine mounts and emblazoned banners make a striking contrast for all who set eyes upon them. This reporter knows……..



Looking closer to home the fair elves of Imladris did plan and attend another Ball as is their tradition. The lead as always was Hir Anglachelm, Lord of Bar En Vanimar. Fine food, beverages and conversation was to be had as well as a fine display of courtly dancing.

This year the ball was attended by the musicians Lindamar of House Vanimar, whose reputation is now spoken of across all of Arda. I would highly recommend everyone to view of their full productions if not already done so. Send word to Ealendil, or Elvealin should you wish to learn more of these wonderful performers.

The Archives has also welcome many new members over these past few months from the Laurelin Community, we hope they find a good home here and make many friends.

A great way to get in touch with a very dedicated group of role-players is by connecting with the community through the Laurelin Gateway Discord channel. You will find all your role-playing needs met here. They are very focussed on role-play storylines in Middle Earth and will welcome anyone to join them.

I would also like to draw the communities attention to the amazing digital work of Mithithiel, most know her as Sairona in Middle Earth. I am told she will gladly take on commissions to bring another element to those who make Middle Earth their home.

Finally........The Team of the Laurelin Archives wish everyone out there a very Merry Christmas - see you all in the New Year.


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