Grand Yule Feast at Aldburg

An all-Rohan holiday event. 

December 20th, 2019

Event details:

Every winter, since the years when Aldburg was Rohan's first capitol, the people of that town have celebrated the coming of winter at the Grand Yule Feast. It is tradition that a tree be felled from the forest in the Folde and dragged through the streets by the hardy folk to the Meadhall, where it will burn in the firepit for twelve days to lengthen the sunlit hours and bring warmth to the hearth.

The procession begins outside the Aldburg gate and continues up the steep street up the hill. Townsfolk set candles on their stoops and in their windows to light the way. When the Yule Log reaches the Meadhall, the feasting begins.

In the weeks prior, messengers are sent across Rohan with invitations for families from every hold to participate in the centuries-old tradition. We invite you, too, to celebrate with us this winter, wherever you hail from, whatever your troubles, making merry with Men from the Mark.

OOC details:

Time and Place: The event will start at the gate of Aldburg, just near the Stablemaster, and will process with the Yule Log to the Meadhall where we’ll RP a feast and various Yuletide activities. The event goes all evening, so come along whenever you can.

Festive Attire: Aldburg has a vault and a barber, so there’s no excuse not to dress for the occasion! 

NPC’s: Yule is a time for family, so bring your NPC’s! If your character has parents, children, siblings, partners, or even pets, bring them along and RP. We want to meet not just you but your whole family!

How to Get There: Aldburg is one Swift Travel from the South Gate of Bree. Minimum level is 85, or you can spend a Mithril Coin to unlock it for one-time use. Summoning level is 70. Once inside there are no mobs, so lower-levels will be safe in the hall once you arrive to the town.

Questions? Contact Dytha or Syaven, or join us on the Rohan & the Wild Hills Discord.


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