A Finch's Journal: Entry 5

I have finally found a place to rest my head this winter! Knotwood Boarding House managed by Miss Taite Rushwood. And all thanks to Mister Maurr. I'll have to find a suitable way to thank him, even if he insists that thanks are not needed!

I suppose I should recount how this all came about.

As Mister Maurr suggested, I rode out to Knotwood after a long day of running errands for the Scholar's Hall. How many messages back and forth through town can one scholar send in a day? The answer is: a lot. I was originally going to go see Miss Taite to ask about the knitted things she was offering on the flyers posted about Bree-town but when I mentioned to Mister Maurr that I was also looking for a place to stay this winter, it ended up being a "two birds, one stone" situation. I stepped into the boarding house and finally met Miss Rushwood, though I suppose I shall call her Miss Taite now. She is certainly is as Mister Maurr and Mister Maddoct described her -- very kind, perhaps a little shy, and generous. I think she and I will get along quite well this winter. I only hope that my overactive tongue doesn't drive her batty before the snows melt come spring!

There was also another dwarf aside from Mister Maurr there. The infamous Mister Tumunir that he told me of. I found myself quite prepared for his standoffishness thanks to the early warning and, indeed, I found myself more amused and maybe a bit fascinated by him. But I won't pester him, as I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate it. He makes a lot of expressions that remind me the faces Grams used to make at me quite often. I think I shall be able to put up with and, perhaps, even enjoy his presence at the boarding house all winter long.

Some time after my arrival, another lass showed up at the door. Miss Gail, a farmer of vegetables and, most importantly, taters! She had come to ask about the knitted things as well but for the baby her brother's wife is to be having soon. She is also a lovely and generous sort of person and I do hope that I get to see her again. And I shall, since she promised Miss Taite to bring some taters for the winter. What luck!

And, how can I forget about Pumpkin? I've always been fond of cats and little Pumpkin -- perfectly named for her orange color -- is no exception. There used to be a stray that lived behind the house when I was a child and Grams used to scold me for feeding it because she said it would attract more. Turned out, it did only not in the way she was thinking. A grand total of six kittens popped up overnight -- and here I thought all my feeding was making the poor thing chubby -- and Grams must have gotten a headache from the many times she rolled her eyes at me for three days straight.

Staying here and helping with chores -- dish washing is now my duty at the boarding house -- will suit me just fine for the rest of the season. I will also be able to save some coin that I get from the Scholar's Hall and maybe I could ask to look over the maps they have there to better plan my journey to the Shire in the spring.

I am an extremely lucky lass and I would do well to never forget that!

[At the bottom of this entry is a messy sketch of a cat playing with the laces on a pair of boots.]