A Finch's Journal: Entry 3

Back in Trestlebridge again. I can feel the colder winter air coming in and it even snowed for a bit -- though it didn't stick -- when I finally parted ways with Amarion and the refugees at Amon Raith. Ha! Knowing the name and spelling -- thank you, Amarion! -- is rather helpful in my slow studies. 'Amon' is steep hill and 'Raith' means ... long? I wanted to ask more but I didn't think it was right to pester him with my questions about Sindarin when the poor man already has a lot on his mind.

I've always thought Rangers to be a rather secretive and stern folk so I'll just have to be doubly grateful that he answered any of my questions at all. Though, when I told him what I was doing in the North Downs in the first place he called me 'an absolute madcap' which I thought was incredibly funny. He and the refugees were very thankful for the food and wood I gathered for them and, indeed, very sorry to see me go. Though I hope that their situation is resolved and that the refugees can all return to their homes soon, I also hope that I'll have a chance to see them all again after the winter.

Tomorrow I set off for Bree-town as fast as I can ride. I do not want to get caught in a winter storm. I don't mind the snow and rain but I don't think it's very fair of me to put Destiny through all that, brave and hardy beast that she is. Besides, she knows very well that there are more carrots to be had in Bree. That horse clearly has her priorities straight!

I'll have to see about finding a warmer place to lay my head at night until the winter is over. I'll miss sleeping out under the moon and stars. Cold does not bother me but sleeping in it for months on end with no heat source other than snuggling up to one's horse is no good for a body. Perhaps Old Barly will let me run him some errands and I can stay in the Pony. Or I might ask Mister Maddoct or Mister Maurr if they know a place I can go until the brunt of winter has passed.

[At the bottom of this entry is a really rough sketch of the outside of the Prancing Pony with two dwarf figures standing off to the side.]