Drupping Wet

 It is rather uncomfortable riding while sopping wet. Dav was to blame for this predicament, though Dru did not mind terribly.

The both of them had been waiting for Bellindah and Balnirar to meet them in a part of Chetwood. Dav, of course, was becoming impatient and irritable. His attitude had been beginning to get on her nerves, but she did not allow it to show. She would await Belinda and the dwarf patiently, as they were told they could join the small company and she was not one to go back on her word. Of course, when she told Dav that Balnirar was coming, he became more annoyed and angry with her. She had grinned sweetly and batted her eyelashes at him, saying, "I knew you would love hearing that." Not a wise idea, but it just came out. Which annoyed him even more. He ended up claiming that it seemed she didn't care about what happened to her after she aided him. "Why should it matter?" She bit back her response and simply shrugged before crouching down to dip her hands in the cool lake water.

Dav continued on, angered and in a scolding mood. HE was scolding HER for not being careful enough. She became more amused than annoyed now with him scolding her. "How cute," she thought with a smug smirk lighting her lips. She flicked water on him. Just when she was sure he would throw a fit, he grinned and poured a puddle of water over her head. After it registered what he did, and her instinct to lash out disappeared, she laughed. "Did you truly...?" She trailed off, laughing as she shook her head. Without waiting she hooked her arms behind his knees and pushed him toward the water. He didn't fall immediately. He gave her a smirk. "Ha!" He'd said...just before his foot slipped and he fell in. Dru rather enjoyed the look of horror in his eyes as he did this.

Laughter still threatened to break loose as he climbed out. "We have always had our differences...hug it out?" He stepped toward her, arms open. "No sir, you stay where you are!" He listened to her words...then threw his soaked cloak over her. As she flailed her arms to get it off, the cloak was thrown into the water. They both stared at it momentarily before he reached down to grab it...and began to slip yet again. Except this time he reached out and grabbed Dru, pulling her in with him. Her shin still had a deep purple bruise weeks after from that. As they both were already wet, they bantered back and forth, intertwined with spontaneous dunking and splashing.

Finally, Dru waded out and pulled her hood back to dry her hair. Her wrists were growing stronger but she still could not wring anything out. Nor would she be undressing and changing near Dav. Especially not with the two of them alone. Not that she distrusted either of themselves or intentions. It simply was not proper behaviour unless required.

And thus, they rode out shortly thereafter. She spent the next few hours rather wet and uncomfortable. But the mood was light until they met with Bolokoth, Balnirar and Belinda.