"Polnolunie" presents: concert "The Lonely Bird"

"Polnolunie" presents a mystical rock concert with songs about strange creations and mysterious things of Middle-earth!

November 9th, 2019
1pm servertime/18.00 gmt/19.00 cet/21.00 msk
Bree, Prancing Pony Stage

Event details: OOC details:

At this concert "Polnolunie" will present the songs of one of the most unusual Russian rock bands "Nautilus Pompilius"!
The music of this band combines a variety of styles - a new wave, art rock, symphonic rock, gothic rock.
The lyrics of the band’s songs are very unusual, and everyone can hear something of their own in them. We tried to convey the spirit of these songs in our Middle-earth texts, which, as usual, were made by us for each song!


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