For the Wise

Tidhelm beheled the movements of Haeneth, but it was unclear if the old man had the eyes of a fletcher or bowyer. Still, he seemed to praise at least one thing. "At least your arrows are guided by conviction. Something can be said for the strong of heart and mind. Would I scorn rather the half-hearted warrior who commits acts of brutality against their will and wish, or the the ardent fighter who knows not better than the actions they commit? A question for the wise and bards, I reckon."

Haeneth |"For the wise..." she echoed, "...and for long rides through troubled hills." A glance at the sky as the sun crept closer to the western ridge. They chased it at a slow walk as the slope to Woodhurst rose higher, the air cooling as the shadows of Fangorn crept in. "I am glad you are done with that duty." She nodded as if to settle a matter.