Pá Lothlórien

Lothlorien. It was created by the Nandor elves – now known as the Silvan elves – initially. One could say that they were alike to my people. I do not believe it so, but that is merely my interpretation and not one of my preferred subjects to argue on. Though, the history of it doesn’t matter to me, for I have little care for the place for I do not care at all for the place. Why would I care for the place named after that perverted Valar? Since my dear Ithilliel and our children Calithilion and Morien were lost, I have been plagued with vile dreams. Lorien is the Master of Dreams so it is him who I blame for them. My people distrusted the Valar and they were right in doing so in the case of Lorien. Why would such a ‘great’ being do such a thing as torment a person in their sleep?

I do not have a true answer to that

I have just visited the place though, despite my potent dislike of it. In Lorien’s library was a scroll I wanted to read. I asked for it to be brought to Felegoth for me, but the Lorien elves refused. They are so high and mighty there that they do not care to give me one simple scroll for barely a blink in time. So I went there to get it myself. It was during the spring, when the golden blossom of the mallorn trees grew. It was quite frustrating to walk through the trees with the petals falling, often down onto my clothes and hair, so I had to keep brushing it off.

I was able to get the scroll from the library and read it – I was still not allowed to take it with me which I found exasperating once more. The scroll was quite interesting wasn’t worth the visit to Lorien, which added to my dissatisfaction.

I made my dissatisfaction clear. It may have gone too far.

I was escorted out of Lothlorien and told that I was from then on unwelcome there. I suppose that means I am exiled from the lands banned from visiting those lands again. I didn’t think what I said was that bad – after all it is the truth. It angered me that they did not accept the truth of the past though and try to pretend it didn’t happen. I also made that clear to them, that they should not deny that past. Again, I do not see what was wrong with it, but they care so much on this matter clearly, as they would have not have banned me from the lands if not.

I do not mind though, because as I have written previously, I do not have any care at all for the place and do not want to return there anyway… Though I would have liked to have looked at the library a little more.