Black Claw Brotherhood

Founding date
Spreading Influence, Criminal Activities, etc.
Main area of operations
Ost Forod, Bree-Land
Kinship type
Kinship status
Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)


The Black Claw Brotherhood, as it was so founded upon the name of, is a loose affiliation of individuals under an umbrella of criminal intent. Those who either have never had an easy life and wish to change their fortunes, to those wishing to get revenge on all of the individuals who have ever looked down upon them. 

Lead by a Man from the Eastern Lands of Rhun, and currently patrolling around the Bree-Lands those within the small and growing organization seek to expand their grip and influence upon the lands they find themselves within and gain not only a foothold but a regular occurrence of goods and coin to not only increase their way of life but also to assist one another. 

Often promoting the message that indeed there can be honour and loyalty among thieves. Taking what they can.

Survival at any cost.


Yokeda Yokeda Al'hattu Man

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