One still, small memory

Early summer, present days, Imladris


Balancing the quill on the bridge of her nose, Earcalie re-read the letter she just finished writing. It had not been long since the last one she sent to her uncle but some noteworthy things happened that warranted a second one. She sat under a tree on the shore of Hidhuinen, the small lake near the Last Homely House. Usually a tranquil, quiet place, the water surface was disturbed by small ripples where the elleth threw a few bread crumbs for the lake fish to feast on. Chuckling at them devouring all the crumbs in mere seconds, she returned to her task.

Dear uncle Histealdo,

I hope this letter finds you well. I do know that I just recently wrote you, but even more recently there’s been very good news and I cannot wait to tell you all about it! I could include them in this letter but then what kind of surprise would that be! It would ruin the effect. I only hope that I do not have to wait too long to come back home… but it is a possibility. It may also be that when this letter finds you I won’t be able to travel to Forlindon. Or I will already be on my way as you are reading! See, good news often are accompanied by bad ones, or less than good ones. There is an air of uncertainty in Imladris  and its residents, and if I am needed to stay here to help with daily tasks, so I will be. Much to my sadness longing the coast and the grasslands of home. I am sure you will understand though… still, you should know that as far as I am concerned, I am as well as I have always been…

It was not the most grammatically correct letter, and definitely written informally, but what need there was for formality, Earcalie mused. Histealdo would not expect any other way of writing letters from her. Suppressing a yawn, the elleth put the letter aside, turning her gaze once again to the waters of the lake. The fish were gone and the water went still again, unmovable like the surface of a mirror. Very much like a mirror indeed, the clouds that moved slowly transported by the wind reflected perfectly on the lake’s surface. She remembered something a local elf told her time ago:

“Be still and listen. You may hear the water speaking of the way things used to be”

Ironically that wasn’t the first time she heard that say. Her mother was rather fond of it and thinking about it did transport her back to a time when her family was still all together and she was just an elfling with little notions of the vastitude of the world, nor its long long history. She remembered when she used to wake early in the morning, when the limpid sea water mirrored the sky above and sparkled with sunlight, as if sky and sea blended together and everything was an endless vastness of light and blue. Her mother calling her from downstairs to go eat her breakfast and rushing outside to splash right into the water and pretend to swim in the clouds, never mind that perfect reflection being ruined by her splashes and dives. Good times. Happier times. With the years, the good times became fewer and fewer, Earcalie smiled comparing them to the small lake and the small portion of sky it reflected. A sky turning golden by the minute, the sun was setting. With a groan, she reluctantly stood up, retrieving her letter and quill.


An idea came to her mind. She wondered if anybody ever tried to capture that picture in canvas or parchment. If a mirror could… why not a frame. The whole surface colored blue and white, with no distinction of the horizon as all blended together. It would make a wonderful piece to hang on the main hall of the estate! Earcalie hastily made her way to the Homely House, her mind already racing on how to make her wish a reality, And luckily, travel to the estate herself as summer just started.

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